The GoodWe Hybrid Inverter features an intelligent battery management function which works perfectly with the Hoppecke Sun Powerpack. This allows your customers to store energy temporarily in order to use it at specified times. View the GoodWe Hybrid Inverter & Hoppecke battery solution now >>   How does it work?   The GoodWe and Hoppecke […]

 Communication: SMA Cluster Controller   Date Time Organizer Location Wed 12/16/15 – Wed 12/16/15 09:00 – 10:00 SMA America, LLC Internet   Do you want to ensure optimum yields and financial rewards from your Sunny Tripower system? SMA offers an easy communication solution using the Cluster Controller. The Cluster Controller is the smart choice for […]

The Solo III is designed for installers looking for a hassle-free installation. Buy the Solo III today and receive £54 cashback from GEO! Simply just email or call 01223 850210 and the cash will be put straight back into your bank account* View the GEO Solo III here >> View more details on the […]

Believe In Steca – Full Power To You With a worldwide effort to reduce power consumption, Steca are leaders within the industry and are constantly striving to develop new and innovative ways to provide an ecological future. Steca offer high efficiency inverters with an exclusive to 10 year warranty across all of their products. […]

With the recent DECC review proposing colossal cuts to the FiT in UK and other European Union countries in 2016, many have concerns about where that will leave the PV industry. Will the market drop? Will new technologies reinvigorate it? Whilst many are focusing on the current installation rush, it’s important to consider what revolutionary […]

SMA are a well known and trusted brand with excellent inverter options for commercial and domestic installations.   SMA FLX PRO This line of three-phase inverters is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized PV systems. The inverters feature easy installation, high yields, simple commissioning and operation. The new, simplified installation concept offers exceptional ergonomics […]

PV DESIGN: STRING SIZING MADE EASY Date Time Organizer Location Wed 12/02/15 – Wed 12/02/15 09:00 – 10:00 SMA America, LLC Internet   Correctly sizing a PV system is crucial for long-term performance and safety. Let SMA take the guess-work out of this phase of design during this step-by-step webinar, which will guide you through […]

Here in Australia, hundreds of thousands of Australians will be marching for a transition to renewable energy, for secure job creation, for clean air, for a healthy environment and a safe climate. If you’re in Sydney, join us at on Sunday 29 November, as we stand together for a better, safer, and fairer future for all. […]

Solar panels are composed of many silicon photovoltaic cells. These cells utilise sun light to make electrons move, and in the process produce electricity. The two main types of solar panels are Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. The difference between these types of panels lies in their silicon composition, as we will explain below.   Monocrystalline solar […]