GoodWe Now Compatible with LG Battery Pack; GoodWe have announced that their ES inverters are now fully compatible with the LG RESU Battery Pack. View the GoodWe and LG Chem package here >> The Perfect Combination GoodWe and LG Chem products are in stock and available to purchase now. The GoodWe ES Hybrid Inverter has a […]

If you’re worried about the efficiency or reliability of your current boiler, you may be considering replacing it with a more up-to-date model. There’s no doubt that modern condensing boilers are far more efficient than their predecessors, but – if you’re thinking about an upgrade – there are still certain key considerations to take into […]

Leading ‘Silicon Module Super League’ (SMSL) member Trina Solar said it had achieved a new world record for a large-area Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) solar cell. Independently confirmed by the Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET), Trina Solar set the conversion efficiency record at 23.5%, using 156×156 mm2 n-type monocrystalline silicon (c-Si) wafers […]

Solar is not a main feature of the bill that passed the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, but the legislation does contain perks for solar, as well as measures to study grid modernization and energy storage. Given the rapid growth of solar and wind energy and their potential to transform U.S. electricity grids, one would be […]

Happy Earth Day! Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space by NASA. GO GREEN! REduce, REcycle! REuse!   SHOP and REDUCE your home and utility bills to ZERO with our products and services.  BEST products, from the BEST brands at BEST prices available. SHOP and REDUCE your home and utility bills now with Happy Earth Day! Solaranna. SHOP […]

Whether you’re looking for a cost effective way to commute, avoid traffic, or just enjoy a cool breeze while you bomb around town, cycling is one of the best options available. It’s not without its setbacks however. A five to ten mile bike ride can cost you between 30 and 60 minutes, and when you have a day […]

We have extended our range of storage systems by including the Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home of Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE. Behind the company which was founded in 2009 stands the innovative global corporation and financial heavyweight Daimler AG, which is committed to the development of high-performance, reliable and long-life batteries. In the town of Kamenz (northeast of […]

LEDs are often seen as the most expensive alternative to standard light bulbs, when it fact there are many more factors to consider that make them much more advantageous than they seem. LEDs (light emitting diodes), are the most energy efficient option, they typically have a longer life, they have no lighting delay and have a […]

SolarPower Europe is combining for the first time the Market Report and the Membership Directory to bring together two of our flagship publications. The new format provides details of more than 140 member companies – the leading solar players in Europe – with key 2015 market statistics: In 2015, solar grew by 15% in Europe […]