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What about EV charging at Bosch locations in Germany while on the road or in a meeting? Sign Up now: Experience e-Mobility features. HERE>> After successful registration log in to the Driver Portal is possible. The registration is free of charge and enables drivers to get a first outline on how to manage all e-Mobility […]

Segen expert tech, Chris Feeney simplifies battery sizing. You’ve probably heard: battery storage is the hot topic in the renewables industry in the UK as well as globally. Declining PV revenue availability, increasing energy purchase prices and eye-catching headlines regarding Elon Musk, as well as rapidly improving technology and an emerging regulatory framework, means that it’s […]

Following feedback from the industry, the MCS Scheme has taken the decision to postpone the implementation of the Installation Fee increase which was due to come into effect on 22nd September 2017. The implementation of the Installer Fee decrease is unchanged. The Scheme appreciates the process of raising the installation fee has caused issues and […]

US trade association groups, the Solar and Energy Storage Association and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), have called on their respective industries to assist hurricane relief efforts in the US and its territories. ESA said the energy storage industry has a “unique opportunity” to assist storm-hit regions after Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck during September […]

The Jinko JKM270PP-60 270w Eagle Poly Silver Frame forms an important part of ZEROhomebills.com’s range of Solar PV products suitable for commercial installations. Features include 4 busbar solar cell technology to improve efficiency, advanced glass and surface texturing resulting in excellent performance in low-light environments, certified to withstand wind load of 2400pa and snow load […]

Private home microgrids prove more cost-effective than poles, wires in New Zealand, says PowerCo. One of New Zealand’s main gas and electric distribution companies has turned to distributed energy storage systems as a cost-effective alternative to long-distance wires and related infrastructure. Powerco, operating in a 39,000 km2 service area on New Zealand’s North Island, maintaining electricity […]

As you can probably imagine, Royal Mail isn’t the most environmentally friendly of businesses due to the sheer number of vehicles it has on the road. The logistical behemoth is getting greener by the day, however, today beginning a new trial of cute, fully electric vans from Oxfordshire-based automaker Arrival. Nine commercial trucks of varying […]

Panasonic Supports the Tokai University Solar Car Team in a World-Leading Solar Car Race, “2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge” – aiming to Return to the No. 1 Spot After a Drop in Position for the Last 2 Races. Panasonic Corporation signed a sponsorship contract to support the Tokai University Solar Car Team again this year […]

Out of JA Solar Smart Modules the JA Solar 280W Mono SK All Black has 5% more power output per m². The panel has a higher conversion efficiency making the system cost lower per watt. JA Solar is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products making them a trusted Tier-One brand you can rely on. […]