The new generation of Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home wins you over with its Mercedes-Benz Made in Germany quality. The new performance: Up to triple battery power and 120 % of system capacity compared to the first generation of our energy storage system. With Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home, use the energy you produce with your on-site […]

Panasonic are giving you the chance to win a top of the range Panasonic Power Drill*. Just order a full pallet of Panasonic modules and you will qualify to receive a drill. Your free gift will be dispatched separately to the qualifying order. View Panasonic modules here >> FREE Cordless Drill & Driver Panasonic not only make […]

The Revolution In Energy Storage Available From now! Enphase AC Battery – Revolutionize the Energy Storage market. Meet the Enphase AC Battery! The high-performance storage solution which brings more intelligence and better value than its counterparts. It pairs seamlessly with Enphase microinverters and other solar technologies to help make the most of the available energy. Lowest Entry Cost With […]

Battery storage cost expected to drop by 66% says IRENA in a report published this month. In the Report IRENA looks at the role of electricity storage and predicts that battery storage is poised to grow at least 17-fold by 2030. As variable renewables grow to substantial levels, electricity systems will require greater flexibility. At very high shares of […]

New addition to IRENA’s Project Navigator has the best practices for developing mini-grid projects in Small Island Developing States. Small Island Developing States (SIDS) can transform their power sectors towards renewable energy, addressing the challenges of affordable energy and climate change. In this context, renewable mini-grid solutions, composed of electricity generators and storage systems interconnected to […]

Will these be the Top 10 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla in 2018 2019? Will see. Afters years of rumors about the next generation of electric vehicles, we finally have some real cars on the docket. Breakthroughs in technology, dropping battery costs, and a horse-race between automakers have yielded products that must be considered game-changers: 200-mile EVs that will run consumers […]

Is your supplier WEEE registered? Our Operator, Solaranna Ltd is a WEEE registered company. Anyone who imports solar panels, battery storage and/or any type of products that can result in electronic waste in the European Union and the United Kingdom (valid for both a Distributor or a Project Developer) is required to: Register with the […]