The new Half-Cell Canadian Solar Ku modules are very efficient. The advantage of splitting the cells in half is that they have a lower internal current than standard modules – this is one of the features that helps Ku modules to minimize the losses and brings more power!

The Fronius World of Storage Solutions will be expanded with a new product. In 2018, Fronius Solar Energy will be launching yet more powerful solutions for storing solar energy, including a new Fronius Energy Package. This comprises an inverter, the Fronius Checkbox and a storage unit from LG – the ideal solution for price- and […]

The Q CELLS All-In-One Energy Storage Solution Q CELLS Q.HOME ESS-G1 3.6kWh is a PV Inverter + Battery Charger + Samsung Lithium-ion Battery. ALL IN ONE BOX! Coming from the German R+D department of Q-Cells modules is the Q CELLS Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 3.6kWh. The simple storage solution for the reduction of electricity costs for residential properties. […]

The Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48 is the first product of Steca Elektronik to offer an all in one off-grid/hybrid system or an UPS. Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48 for off-grid systems In the chassis of the Solarix PLI 5000-48 there is a pure sine wave inverter 230V, a 80 A MPPT photovoltaic charge controller with a maximum input voltage of 145V suitable for 3 modules […]

Solar modules are the heart of your photovoltaic installation, because this is where the conversion of sunlight to electricity happens. In the last few years solar panel costs and solar panel prices have decreased sharply. But taking a closer look can pay off: What are the established solar cell and solar panel types? What about […]

Solar panels occasionally need cleaning, especially in the spring. But beware: It is not a game and should be left to the professionals. Solar panels and solar generators do not require maintenance. This myth has been around for years, but the truth is slightly different. Solar generators consist of solar modules, which in turn are covered […]

Installing a charging station for electric vehicles at home has ecological, technical and economic advantages. However, it should take technical constraints into account: is there sufficient power connected to your home? To help you ask the right questions, a leading European company has developed a practical checklist that lists all the practical considerations. But before deciding whether […]

Fronius Solar Inverters Primo, Symo and Galvo series are the perfect solution for any grid-tied solar pv system whether is a residential, commercial or industrial solar pv system. The three Fronius solar inverter categories cover the entire power need startin from 3 kW and ending up at 20kW. Fronius Primo: the ideal inverter for private […]