James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe, said, “Solar in Europe is growing, this is good news for the energy transition. Now we need the right policies in place to make sure the EU can fully benefit from our clean energy technology. If the trade measures on imported solar panels were removed, according to a DG Justice and Consumers study we could see an increase in solar self-consumption in the EU of around 20-30%. Likewise, if the […]

Hanwha Q-Cells announced that its first solar module series with monocrystalline half-cut solar cells is now available for customers in Europe. The Q-Peak Duo BLK G5 from Hanwha series is now on sale. The Q-Peak Duo G5 series from Hanwha Q-Cells combines a whole range of technological innovation to reach maximum electricity yields and lowest LCOE (levelized […]

Soon the Leaf will no longer be Nissan’s only all-electric model. The Japanese carmaker has revealed that it will be expanding its EV lineup, with the next model being an SUV. It’s even going to look a little familiar to fans of the brand, as Nissan says it will be a production version of its […]

At the EES in Munich, more and more companies were exhibiting commercial energy storage systems. Most of them have a modular design, so the current buffer has to fit optimally to the customer.  An interesting business model is to shave load peaks. Constantly declining energy storage prices seem to be of interest to an increasing number of […]

Primus Wind Turbine Install – DIY explained by American Homestead. The simplest way to install your Primus Windpower wind turbine. Shop for WIND products here>> View our wind turbine product range here>> Primus Wind Power, Inc. manufactures wind power turbines. Its products include Air Silent X, Air 30 Turbine, Air 40 Turbine, Air Breeze Turbine, […]

The Triphase Solar Inverter SMA Sunny Tripower 15000-20000-25000 TL-30 inverter guarantees a maximum performance rating of over 98%, thus increasing efficiency and reducing system costs. The range of output power from 15.2 kW to 25.0kW makes it ideal for commercial plants and large photovoltaic plants. The main features of the Triphase Solar Inverter SMA Sunny Tripower 15000-20000-25000 TL-30 range Optiflex: Maximum sizing flexibility The Optiflex system makes the […]

Purchase your Accredited Modules with confidence! Some of the non-SMSL module manufacturers are opting not to renew their MCS certification for some modules. This means there is a risk of UK module stock not having MCS certification at point of installation. If you hold your own large stocks of slow-moving modules you risk being left […]

Following the first RINA Consulting report (Formerly OST), which contained a technical review of Huawei string inverters, the second phase shows Huawei benefits in terms of yields and OPEX when compared against an equivalent Central inverter. Huawei String Inverters – Further Accolade The report highlights 3 significant areas for Huawei: 1) Higher yields 2) Equivalent […]