REDUCE Electricity Bills

Denmark generated 74% of its energy from renewable sources in 2017, making it a world leader in renewable power. But it’s not the country’s major energy providers that are driving this move away from fossil fuels. Rather, it is an increase in so-called “energy citizens” – people that are decentralising the energy mix and installing […]

What types of solar electric systems qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit?* ANY complete solar power package, for home or business. Emergency battery backup system / battery storage systems, as long as the purchase includes at least one solar panel. Product purchases that expand your existing solar power system and include at least one […]

News from BYD!  Sales figures and market share should continue to grow. The world leader in rechargeable batteries recently invited their partners to the Partner Event in Stuttgart and presented market prospects and shared their Product Roadmap. The numbers speak for BYD BYD tops the electric vehicle maker’s list with over 113 000 electric cars sold […]

ABB has teamed up with Tigo to develop an operational compatibility between Tigo’s TS4 optimizer and ABB’s UNO-DM-PLUS line of inverters. The configuration that ensures design flexibility and compliance with 2014 & 2017 NEC 690.12 requirements. The energy production of a single-phase string inverter, the rapid shutdown function and an optimizer option provides installers a […]

For instance, putting the power converters close to the panels makes it possible to optimise the yields from individual solar panels or from two connected ones, which can produce up to 30 percent more capacity. Because the panels are no longer connected as strings, negative effects from shading, manufacturing tolerances or the different orientation of […]

E-mobility really gets interesting if you generate the power for the batteries yourself. The kilowatt hour from the power grid costs about 30 eurocents, the self-generated solar electricity between nine and twelve cents, plus value added tax (VAT). However, the average price advantage is a minimum of twelve to fourteen cents. That pays off. Also, […]

What components does the StorEdge solution for HD Wave have? This DC-linked storage solution from SolarEdge optimizes self-consumption and maximizes energy independence. The intelligent StorEdge solution consists of three components. SolarEdge Single Phase HD Wave Inverter The inverter not only converts the power from the PV system, but also regulates the energy in the battery. StorEdge […]