UK Grid Certification Is Changing; therefore prepare for for EREC G98 and EREC G99. You may already be aware that there is a new standard coming into force called Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G98 and G99 on 27th April 2019. After that day any generators connected to UK distribution will have to comply. These two regulations, published […]

At April 14th, 2016 the European Commission has released the EU-directive 2016/631 for specification of a grid codex including grid connection rules for electricity production units. The technical requirements for electricity production units described in the new grid codex must be respected by all new production units starting April 27, 2019. This regulation is valid Europe-wide […]

Allows easy commissioning from your smartphone. Activating, commissioning, and configuring SolarEdge inverters is about to become very simple with the new SolarEdge smartphone app – SetApp. All of the new generations of SolarEdge inverters will be compatible with the app in the future starting with SolarEdge Compact Extended – due in stock soon. How it […]

Commercial Solar Inverters: SolarEdge 3Ph with Synergy Technology  is Due Soon. Synergy: An effect greater than the sum of it’s parts. SolarEdge have addressed all of the downsides that 3Ph inverters can pose, to create an inverter system that combines all of the benefits of string and central inverters. Win-win! To explain the system in […]