Although our planet is currently facing some serious environmental crisis, it is relieving to see that some technological solutions, which aim at saving energy and thus reducing carbon emissions caused by production of electricity, have actually become comparatively popular and even casual. More and more house-owners are willing to take up the challenge and power […]

The RESU13 introduces a higher capacity to the market leader’s low-voltage product line for SMA Sunny Island. The popular, compact design remains untouched in its core and therefore fits in rooms with very little space. LG Chem is also planning to introduce a software update to connect two RESU13 in parallel to achieve 26 kWh […]

Are you interested in installing a boiler but are unsure which type to choose? A combi (or combination) boiler is the most preferred choice of boiler systems in British and European households, as it provides heat both for the radiators and domestic hot water on demand. The Combi boilers provide a fast and efficient supply […]

Although we are selling the latest product from SMA, theSMA Sunny Tripower 3Phase Solar Inverter For Residential Projects just coming to United Kingdom.  The All New 3 Phase SMA inverters for domestic systems Sunny Tripower 3Phase Inverter  The new three phase inverter from German company SMA ensures maximum energy yields for private homes. This inverter, […]

Christmas & New Year Delivery Deadlines. Please take the holidays into account when placing your orders. The Delivery Carriers have published their respective holiday delivery schedules. In order to avoid any confusion, here’s a quick reference guide. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Francis Krampah, Zsolt Kutsera your order processors, by phone +44 (0) […]

Solar Batteries – The Evolution of you Storage System It’s common to face some confusion when first determining your solar battery storage system costs. Some of the major contributors to solar battery storage system costs are the chemical materials that make up the battery, the life cycle of the battery, the storage capacity, and the usable capacity. […]