Based on own-brand shipped module MWp-dc volumes. PV Tech has just released the top 10 solar module manufacturers after judiciously tracking the main contenders in 2018. Data harvested throughout the year gave them an initial idea of the final score with a few shocks thrown in. While they had a good idea of the industry leader […]

Ottobrunn, 22.01.2019. Panasonic is introducing new HIT modules. All variants of the HIT high-performance module retain their special features and benefits, but now offer a higher level of performance. System operators can thus achieve an even higher output on the same surface and increase their solar yield. Improved performance in all versions of the HIT® […]

Once you’ve made the decision to install a rooftop solar system to reduce your electric bill the next step is choosing a reputable and certified solar installer. As solar energy is gaining popularity on homes and businesses, the prevalence of installation companies is increasing to meet the demand. But not all solar installers can provide […]

The decision about how to finance your solar power system depends on your particular financial goals. The main practical distinction between buying and leasing a solar PV system is in ownership. If you buy a solar panel system, you own the system, either outright (if purchasing with cash) or after repaying your solar loan. If you lease the […]

JA Solar Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass – COMING SOON which Offer Significant Extra Yield at Minimal Extra Cost.  Bifacial modules offer many advantages over traditional solar panels. Not least the extra power generation – some manufacturers claim up to 30% more power if the reflected light is from a white roof or light coloured ground. […]

The all-in-one solution that turns installers into energy experts.  There are 2 predominant solar systems currently sold on the market — “optimized-string” and “microinverter” systems.  An Enphase microinverter system offers the utmost safety, reliability and longevity available due to the fact that the microinverter performs DC-to-AC conversion at the lowest, possible level; with no high-voltage […]

Everything depends on the charging point used and the battery capacity of your electric car. In practice, the charging time for an electric car battery may vary between 10 hours to half an hour. Sure, it’s longer than filling up a conventional car. But in the future, with the development of new solutions, it may be […]

When & Why Should You Oversize Your Array: In the first Techie Top Tip of 2019, Jordan Wiley our technical partner’s Technical wizard from UK explains the benefits of oversizing an array. “Oversizing a PV array in relation to the inverter is an easy and cost effective solution to maximise the benefits offered by solar PV. […]