Promoting the use of renewable energy sources has been on the UK Government’s agenda for many years now. The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive set out for all member countries to reach a 20% renewables target before 2020. The UK has been working towards that goal, but recently approved policies have scrapped or reduced the related incentives. This tendency was accompanied […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? Solar panel cost varies depending on size and type of the system. Solar tiles are generally more expensive than the traditional panels. The prices, though, have been falling in recent years, due to the advancements in solar energy technology. In the table below you can see the average prices of solar panel systems, […]

IN STOCK NOW: Fifth Generation Solis Inverters 5G. A brand new inverter from Solis Ginlong. It would be easy to confuse the arrival of the new range of three phase inverters from Solis with the roll out of 5G mobile phone coverage across the UK. Fifth Generation Solis Inverters 5G for Sale However, while they […]

Register now for free Enphase Microinverter Training across UK & The Republic of Ireland in early 2020. A series of training days are designed to up-skill you and your installers with a greater insight into the Enphase IQ System. At the end of the half-day sessions, attendees will be able to sell and install more […]

Over the past two years, BYD has revolutionised the solar battery storage industry. The flexibly of stackable battery modules and their lifetime upgradeability have undoubtedly made BYD the European market leader in the second half of 2019. According to the slogan “Forward ever, backward never”, BYD expands its product line and introduces enhanced features. Have […]

The truth is that in terms of solar panels nothing really changed in 2021 so far. Although panels got larger in wattage and prices per watt went down, the efficiency did not improved significantly. Are you looking for the Top 10 solar panels 2021 from the best quality solar panel manufacturers ? Hm … With […]

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