The Phocos Any-Grid Inverter Charger Series (Pure Sine Wave Hybrid) represents Phocos’ most versatile line of inverters/chargers. Flexibility and reliability are key characteristics of this product line, with a strong potential for cost saving opportunities in real world conditions. The Phocos Any-Grid is a Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter Charger with MPPT Solar Charge Controller.  […]

SolarEdge introduces the three-phase inverter for 48V batteries. A single intelligent inverter for PV systems and battery storage, available in the power classes 5kW, 7kW, 8kW and 10kW. SolarEdge Hybrid Inverter with solar battery systems with LG Chem RESU 48 V >> With an integrated interface, it manages the energy flow of the battery in addition to its […]

Safety for batteries? Use Solar Battery Racking Cabinets to protect your storage investment from accidents and tampering. The 0Bills portfolio is expanding every day! The latest addition is to the storage category – battery cabinets – essential to safeguard batteries and owners of little fingers! Currently available in two sizes: RR-W2-6-G – for 2x PylonTech US2000B […]

The NEW BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM Li Ion Solar Battery Storage system generation builds on the well-known memories and has all previous functions. With the BYD Premium HVM, a battery module comes onto the market that has higher storage capacities than its predecessor. The further development of cell technology has reduced the system weight by […]

The long-awaited replacement to the Feed-in Tariff has begun with some generous, and some less than generous offers on the table. The Smart Export Guarantee Begins! The replacement to the Feed-in Tariff The 1st January deadline for energy suppliers to offer a SEG (payment for exported energy) has begun with no fanfare, not even a whisper. While BEIS was […]

The New LG CHEM RESU 10M Solar Battery for SMA SBS is a barnd new development by SMA and LG Chem. Half of all the homeowners in Germany who decide to use a PV system also choose to utilize a storage system. With the new high-voltage storage system from LG Chem and SMA Solar Technology […]