ROOFIT is a UK Government Accreditation for large Solar Installations. If your generator meets either of the following criteria, it must apply for ROO-FIT in order to benefit from Feed In Tariff payments via the ROO-FIT scheme. Criteria for ROO-FIT Accreditation: Generators between 50kW and 50MW Total Installed Capacity (TIC) up to and including 5MW […]

Normally you would not need any permission to install solar panels on your roof. Especially when these are installed in an off grid scenario and or you use the grid as a backup only. For the second solar architecture you would need a so called export limitation package installed.  The same applies to hiring a […]

Contact us today to find out how we can install solar panels to your new build projects to satisfy the law for cost price. 1kW to 2kw installations for £700-£1600 plus installation costs. What Solar Installations are Available? For new builds the most applicable installations are solar panels and solar hot water systems. Solar panel installations are added to […]

Find out why solar is on the Government’s Roadmap. As we all know, much of our energy expenditure comes from within the home. From hobs to hoovers, we are a country dependent on our appliances. All this, however, comes at a cost. As of March 2020, the UK was ranked 16th worst for emissions globally, with […]

Supreme quality and durability – wherever the sun shines! Fifty years producing innovative light metal products has provided Schletter with the experience and expertise needed to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar mounting systems. From its beginning as a family-owned enterprise to its present position as a global group of companies with around […]

SolarEdge Synergy 3ph: An effect greater than the sum of its parts. Some large capacity inverters are heavy and bulky – so installers may use multiple, smaller capacity units. However, this brings its own problems, namely increased set-up times and costs. SolarEdge has succeeded in solving this with the Synergy range, which combines large capacity […]

With the Solis Project Photo Award competition. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Solis, they are inviting installers to participate in the Solis Project Photo Award. Share your photos of any Solis powered installations on social media in June and win up to $200 (approx £163) in Amazon gift cards (can be changed to any currency). […]