Water taxis powered by green energy could soon start running between Cardiff and Bristol. Plymouth-based luxury boat firm Patriot Yachts is developing two hydrogen-powered passenger ferries to operate on the route. The boats, which cost a total of £1m, will be able to transport about 100 people across the Bristol Channel between the two cities. ..”..They will […]

A convective cooling approach keeps solar system temperatures down. A group of researchers from Portland State University have developed a method of raising the energy yield from solar plants around 5% while reducing degradation of the panel by more than 0.3% per year. This remarkable increase has been developed using a convective cooling approach. Put simply, […]

Yes, with SMA Shadefix – optimisation that’s integrated into the inverter! SMA has developed a superior optimisation technique – SMA ShadeFix. And the best thing about this solution is that it is an integrated software solution that comes with all SMA inverters at no extra cost! There is evidence that SMA ShadeFix is the best option in […]

The move could provide a significant boost to electric vehicle demand along with the broader stimulus plan which included taxes to penalise ownership of large polluting combustion-engined sports utility vehicles and a 6,000 euro subsidy towards the cost of an electric vehicle. Germany’s announcement follows a French plan to boost electric car sales announced last […]

Demand for solar PV will follow suit. The UK went into lockdown on March 23rd. This unprecedented shift in the way we live has massively impacted our energy consumption. As a result, we have seen a lot of interesting figures emerge from our energy usage as more of us stay home. Following a Government report, the […]