Quick guide to cleaning solar panels explained by REC Solar Group to ensure the best performance of REC solar panels. Clean solar panels help ensure solar installations generate optimal electricity. All REC panels have been designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance, however, dust, pollen, leaves and other contaminants often find their way onto the […]

The combination of Victron Energy products with Pylontech lithium solar batteries has been tested and certified by the Victron and Pylontech R&D departments. General information about the battery is found in Pylontech’s documentation. This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the product manual supplied by Pylontech. It provides additional and specific information […]

Online air pollution calculator reveals the impact of lifestyle choices and points to mitigation of pollution with electric vehicles. In a week that a report said that the UK economy could save £1.6bn a year if WHO air quality targets were met, there doesn’t seem any good reason left not to go electric where transport is concerned. […]

Every time we sell a Solis inverter monitoring wifi stick, next day we get the question on how to set it up? One of our dear  customers just shared his experience on the installation process and he and was so kind to send it to us. So here we are: How to set up WiFi […]

MCS has this week updated its Solar-PV standard as it celebrates a 5% rise in installations over the July & August period. These figures become even more impressive when coupled with the context of COVID-19 & the closure of the feed-in tariff (FiT), which could have caused a significant downturn. Despite these testing conditions, solar […]

Impacts and regulations due to COVID-19 outbreak Given the current developments in all countries that ZEROhomebills.com is active in, we’re sharing all measures we’ve taken to guarantee both your safety and that of our team during the outbreak of COVID-19 (“coronavirus”). Impact on support and field services The pandemic is having a significant impact on […]

COVID-19: An important message from our Co-Founder, Adi A. Krakoczki To all of our customers, Since the beginning of 2020 we are living in challenging times. The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting everyone—our employees, partners, customers, suppliers—not to mention the friends and families of each and every one of us. This has a […]

Generac Holdings is dedicated to providing people with innovative and forward-thinking solutions to power their homes and businesses. In our mission of expanding options for energy storage, Generac now offers clean energy storage solutions. With the integration of solar energy storage systems we now offer the ability to reduce energy costs and minimize grid disruptions. […]