Six benefits of higher-output JA modules. Solar panel output has steadily increased over time. You may recall as recently as 2016-17, solar panels with ratings of 250 watts were common. Now the most prolific panels are between 330W and 370W with some reaching up to 400W. It’s higher output panels such as the 365W and […]

Many businesses are looking at installing solar panels as a way to help reduce their carbon footprint, cut down on electricity bills and provide them with protection against volatile energy prices. However, during the current uncertain economic climate, there is understandably some nervousness about committing to major investment in technologies like solar, even if it […]

SolarEdge Games for UK Solar Installers. Ready. Set. Go! Overpower your competitors in 2021 and expand your PV business with The 2021 #SolarEdgeGames that serve up everything you need to win. Kicking off on 1st March, the brief, interactive sessions are designed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed – combining technical info, […]