About ZEROhomebills.com

Originally founded by Adi A. Krakoczki, the platform is one of the largest and fastest growing on-line DIY energy retail stores covering the entire spectrum of renewable energy, energy efficiency and off-grid living. (solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, hydro and geothermal). We deliver renewable products, special tailor made, ready to use kits and packages from industry leading manufacturers from 4 warehouses located in Europe and 3 warehouses in the United States.

When was launched

The company was registered in mid 2014 and launched ZEROhomebills.com in October 2015; focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable & off-grid living products and services; all in one place. The first product sold was a Solis Inverter WIFI Stick, sold to a customer from Netherlands on 26th of November, 2015.; many dozens of other product categories sold since. One of the Operators of the online DIY store is Solaranna Limited with offices in Cardiff and London, United Kingdom and  representatives in  Neu-Anspach-Germany, Miami-United States and Accra-Ghana. Solaranna is a family business owned by Adi Krakoczki and Eva Martinusz. Beside being the owners – both are acting in the front line in the daily operations of the firm. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring free energy to everyone in every small and hidden corner of the Earth. We believe that free energy should be available to all of us; therefore we built an online shop where people can come and shop anything they might need regarding and related to a complete different way of living, without energy and utility bills.

An online DIY energy shop where you can find the best products, from the best brands at the best possible price to fulfil your dream: whether you are grid-tied or off-grid, to your life LIVE ENERGY INDEPENDENT. Tailor made kits and packages, tips, advice and news. 

Free energy is available to everyone. Why buy it, when you can have it for free.

0Bills | ZERO Bills | Produce, store and use your own energy! 

“Within a decade from now we will be with 1 billion more people on planet Earth. All of us we will need shelter, food and energy. That is a huge challenge for the humanity. At ZEROhomebills.com we are committed to deliver access to free energy to everyone on Earth to ensure a sustainable and net zero carbon way of living.” -said Adi Krakoczki, CEO of Solaranna and Co-Founder of ZEROhomebills.com.

With more than 20 years of experience in the energy sector and 12 years of experience in the renewable and energy efficiency with multiple international recognition of our partners will deliver you the expected results.

ZEROhomebills.com Statement on Modern Day Slavery 2014-2021.

ZEROhomebills.com and its Operator takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and know that modern slavery and human trafficking is a global and growing issue given the rapid rise in global migration. The company is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in its corporate activities and to ensuring its supply chain is free from slavery and human trafficking.

View the ZEROhomebills.com 2017 /2018 Statement

View the ZEROhomebills.com 2019-2020 Statement

Our Strategic Partner is the multiple international Award Winner in Renewable, Energy Efficiency and Green Architecture: Europa Studio from Perth, Australia.

Enjoy shopping!

The Team of 0Bills DIY Energy Store


We offer FREE shipping within United Kingdom, Continental Europe and USA/Canada for a limited number of the products. For details and your country please contact us.


Why would you spend more – in some cases 10-20-60% – on energy efficient and solar products? In majority of the cases installers will work with a 35-60% markup on all the product they sell to you.  Does it have a relevance from where you buy? In terms of price YES, in terms of product guarantee, NO.


Majority of our built-in or sold products come with market leading guarantees directly from the manufacturer. Guarantees are ranging between 3 to 25 years. Through our Quality Management Program provided via our ZERO Bills Alliance Network we offer a 3 year labor FREE guarantee period as well.



Solaranna Ltd is a 100% privately owned company registered in United Kingdom. It is registered in England and Wales under no: 9224696

Solaranna Public Info


D-U-N-S NUMBER: 22-037-5688


EU VAT NUMBER: GB199036669



TAX NO.: 7284218667

EORI NUMBER: GB1990366690000




Bank Address: 1-4 High Street, Cardiff CF10 1PX, United Kingdom


SORT CODE: 161521

IBAN: GB84RBOS16152111114875



It may sound strange to you but for us FREE means FREE, at no cost. We provide several of our services FREE of charge. When mentioned FREE we really mean FREE. No hidden costs or hidden fees. We do not provide services for free just for fun; we do believe that these are essential part of our operation and ultimately are reflected in the customer satisfaction.


YES and NO! Solaranna Ltd is one of the Premium Strategic Partners of ZEROhomebills.com and its affiliated sites. YES, the company is fully licensed to operate in the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia and many other markets. In respect of installing, repairing and maintaining a product sold, it is NOT; actually to be more precise not for all the product we sell. Solaranna is certified by LG Chem, Daikin, SolarEdge, Tesla, Sunpower and Panasonic. ALL the installers however  – members of our global ZERO Bills Alliance – are FULLY licensed to have your product/system installed, maintained or repaired.


FREE LABOR GUARANTEE is a Program which is part of our Quality Management System. Our customers who choose products and services part of this Program will be served during the guarantee period at no extra cost. What this exactly means? Wherever you are located, or wherever we installed, repaired, built something or provided services to you our team will come to you and fix, repair or change that product for you at no cost. To qualify for the 3 year FREE LABOR GUARANTEE the product you purchased needs to be installed and maintained by one of our ZERO Bills Alliance Member companies!

CONTACT 0Bills Store

Technical support


free technical support p2

This service is free and includes consultation over the phone and/or e-mail. We will advise you, but the responsibility of purchasing and implementing the system/product is yours. Please note that our resources are limited; therefore we cannot answer all inquiries.


basic professional technical support p2
  • Includes Preliminary Sizing,
  • System Conception, Telephone Support during initial commissioning (30 minutes) and
  • Telephone support for trouble-shooting (30 minutes) by a certified professional.


premium professional technical support 0bills g2
  • Includes Preliminary Sizing,
  • System Conception, Telephone Support during initial commissioning (60 minutes),
  • On-site Engineer Support and
  • Telephone Support for trouble-shooting (60 minutes) by a certified professional.

Can you do it cheaper?

can you do it cheaper

Sure we can. There is always a cheaper version out there but do not be surprised if you will get something like in the picture above.


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No contact no goods will not answer calls or emails had my moneyAll sorted missunderstandimg on both parties they have made a full refund
Alan U.
Alan U.
08:01 10 Oct 20
Great company. Very helpful.. Fast delivery. Highly recommend them
Doris W.
Doris W.
17:19 08 Jul 20
The PV panels we bought is top quality. PV system perfectly planned and delivered in 5 working days by Dachser. Assembly easy as 1,2,3. Thank you.
Leo J.
Leo J.
17:05 08 Jul 20
Excellent advice and service. Thank you
Jaguar G.
Jaguar G.
16:11 07 Jul 20
I am very happy with the whole process of ordering, installing and service from Michael and his team
Jashim B.
Jashim B.
20:23 06 Jul 20
Everyone we met from Solaranna, from initial contact and survey through to installation and commissioning was friendly, polite, professional, highly knowledgeable and helpful. They did a fantastic job. Thank you guys
Sahidur R.
Sahidur R.
20:20 06 Jul 20
Sorin V.
Sorin V.
11:38 20 Jun 20
Price was very fair and most importantly they did a great job with my new roof. I would definitely recommend.
Torrevieja F.
Torrevieja F.
08:14 06 Jun 20
Fantastic service! Michael helped us.Very nice, helpful folks and prices can't be beat! Would highly recommend this company. Bought a solar panel system and self-installed
hansen P.
hansen P.
06:01 27 May 20
Price was very fair and most importantly they did a great job with my new roof. I would definitely recommend
Sahidur R.
Sahidur R.
05:51 27 May 20
I fully recommend this solar company. The solar PV system was carried promptly and efficiently for what I considered to be a good price. Would use and recommend them at any time
K Z.
K Z.
16:42 02 Jan 20
Had some really good advice on some of the technology that we were looking out on the website. the delivery was very quick on the definitely use them again if I do another installation
Ocean V.
Ocean V.
16:29 20 Nov 19
Great product and service, our solar system is working very well. Thanks Solaranna
Dan H.
Dan H.
10:20 13 Nov 19
Very disappointed! Lost several thousand Euros.
Shota R.
Shota R.
15:54 24 Jul 19
Very trust worth and honest business owners their products are great quality!
Faraz R.
Faraz R.
21:03 20 Feb 19
Calitate si preturi excelente. Serviciu impecabil.
cotoi S.
cotoi S.
12:01 28 Dec 18
Fantastic Service und fast delivery - perfect performance
Kurt M.
Kurt M.
06:45 02 Nov 18
Finally found a reliable supplier of Battery Storage & Solar Panels. Great service and delivered exactly when they said they would. Having the peace of mind that I can also call for technical assistance was the cherry on top. Wouldn't hesitate to use Solaranna's services again
James W.
James W.
15:10 10 Oct 18
Absolutely excellent service in all respects. No hesitation in recommending them.
David P.
David P.
15:48 19 Jul 18
A fantastic company with awesome people. Personal touch, help, assistance, excellent/unseen prices and of course promises kept. Frankly, I do not know how you achieve all these guys. Congrats folks. Keep up with the good work.
11:22 20 May 17