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Due to the SARS COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures taken in Cardiff and London, United Kingdom and Miami-Dade County, United States as well as in Frankfurt, Germany we are not accepting any visitors at our headquarters and offices until further notice. Please contact us by phone, email or fill out the form below. Thank you.

SPECIAL NOTE CONTACT US FORM: We normally reply to all inquiries within 24 hours. Although we have a secure and state of the art IT/IS system – depending on your own computer or mail settings – the reply mail sent – by us to you – may end up in your Spam/Junk Folder. Please check your Spam Folder for our reply before making a repeated inquiry over the phone or mail.

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Technical support


free technical support p2

This service is free and includes consultation over the phone and/or e-mail. We will advise you on your planned system, but the responsibility of purchasing and implementing the system/product is yours. Please note that our resources are limited; therefore we cannot answer all inquiries.


basic professional technical support p2
  • Includes Preliminary Sizing,
  • System Conception, Telephone Support during initial commissioning (30 minutes) and
  • Telephone support for trouble-shooting (30 minutes) by a certified professional
  • Fee is charged


premium professional technical support 0bills g2
  • Includes Preliminary Sizing,
  • System Conception, Telephone Support during initial commissioning (60 minutes),
  • On-site Engineer Support and
  • Telephone Support for trouble-shooting (60 minutes) by a certified professional.
  • Fee is charged

Can you do it cheaper?

can you do it cheaper

Sure we can. There is always a cheaper version out there but do not be surprised if at the you will get something like in the picture above.