FREE Energy and Energy Efficiency


Free energy and energy efficiency it is not a myth anymore, but rather a proven choice for every household or business.  Utility bills are a headache for a property owners regardless where are located around the world. The increase of electricity, gas and fuel costs in your home or in your business it is a constant burden for many of you.

Produce, store and use your own energy

0Bills webhsop on provides proven energy efficiency solutions, and sells the best products from the best brands at the best retail prices possible enabling you to reduce or completely eliminate your costs.

Go Green! Go ZERO Home Bills!

Products sold in our shop cover the entire range of your heating and cooling, electricity and mobility costs you may have giving you the best possible solution for an off-grid living – without bills – even if you remain grid-connected as for an ultimate back-up solution.


Get your free energy from the sun, wind and hydro. We are within the very few companies out there providing FREE Advise and FREE Technical Support for Renewable Energy Solutions. These solutions are ranging from solar pv systems to complex heating and cooling systems, as well as energy storage for your property. Do not expect answer for all your questions, since we do not know everything but we will do our best to help you out.


Solaranna, since 2014 is a leader in energy efficiency products and services serving the private sector, multinational companies. Since 2016 the operator of 0Bills is the supplier of US, UK and UAE Governments. SAVE up to 90% on your lighting bills with our LED products. Eliminate your gas and electricity bills with our tailor-made Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Turbine, Energy Storage, Biomass and Air-source Heat-pump systems or just simply install a higher efficiency boiler and/or a fireplace in your home. Easy as 1,2,3 …

home-solar pv and solar thermal -solaranna


Generate your own electricity with Solar Panels. We sell Solar PV packages from as low as £990. State of the art technology from best solar energy brands from around the world at the best retail prices in your market. Challenge us on the price. We may be able to match any retail price.

Thermosolar panels hot water Solaranna


Nothing is more simple than to generate your own hot water for your bathroom with one or two Solar Thermal Panels and a 200l cylinder. You can easily install it yourself or get it installed and eliminate your gas and electricity bill spent on hot water generation right away. Solar Thermal Packages form as low as £1200.

Solar-Heating by solaranna


Your are building a new home or your are remodeling your existing one. THINK about a new solution that will be FREE for rest of your life. Install floor or wall heating together with our Solar PV packages.

biomass boilers


You run your heating on Heating Oil or Diesel? You are in a remote location where there is no possibility for natural gas? Choose one of our High Efficiency Biomass Boilers for your home, office or farm.

home heat pumps by solaranna


Air and ground-source heat-pumps together with a Solar PV package will cool or heat your home all year round for FREE. No maintenance needed.



The proper lighting is essential for every living creature. For us humans gives us a sense of comfort and to your house an extra element of beauty. LED lighting cost savings are ranging between 50-90% on your actual lighting consumption. We sell and install LED spots, bulbs, floodlight, tubes, house internal and external decoration and many more at BEST PRICES from world leading brands.

solar tubes solaranna


These special made tubes installed through your roof basically collect the sunlight and through a reflector they project the light into dark areas of your property. Solar Tubes are very efficient and basically last forever.

Wind energy


We offer small and medium size wind turbines for home owners and small and middle size companies. On- and off-grid systems are arranging between 400 W up to 10 kW.

Tesla Powerwall 2


You produce a lot more electricity that you actually use? You cannot feed it back to the electric grid? You are in a remote location and you want to store your own energy for later use? There is a solution. Use state of the art technology Energy Storage in your property and use the energy when you actually need it. TESLA, MERCEDES-BENZ, FRONIUS, VICTRON and LG CHEM just a few of the top brands we sell.

boilers- solaranna


There is no reason to talk about the Gas Boilers; however worth mentioning that ALL our gas boilers are high efficiency new generation boilers from world leading manufacturers at surprisingly competitive prices.

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We do not sell gas fireplaces, since neither you or we can generate natural gas in order to enjoy FREE heat in your property; however we do sell and install electric, wood and multi-fuel fireplaces and cooking stoves that can significantly reduce your actual bills. You can enjoy FREE heating with an electric fireplace installed together with a solar PV system.

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