Grid Tie Solar Panel Kits and Packages

Our the DIY All-in-One solar panel kits, complete systems and packages – as the name suggests – include all the components you need to install you solar system. 0Bills stocks and delivers complete solar panel kits and backup power kits for homes, businesses, boats and RVs, remote industrial, and unique energy self sufficient applications. We also customize systems to fit your exact needs.

Install your solar power system yourself or opt to hire a local electrician / contractor for your project.

All the selected solar pv components are from Bloomberg listed Tier 1 manufacturers with superior quality, reliability and product guarantee. The solar PV packages installed by our ZERO Bills Alliance enjoy a 2-year labour guarantee for free. The components come with a guarantee between 2-10 years; however extended guarantees are available up to 20 years directly from the manufacturer. DIY solar pv packages at best retail prices in your market just a click of a button from your energy independence.

Rooftop DIY Solar PV Packages Grid tied on-grid

Rooftop DIY Solar Panel Kits and Systems

The All-in-One DIY solar pv kits are ready-to-go low cost solar kits including all installation components and guarantees you need for a fixed price. No surprises, no additional costs.

Rooftop Premium DIY Solar PV Packages

Premium DIY Solar Panel Kits and Systems

Our customised all-in-one DIY premium solar panel kits and packages are customised solar systems designed to optimise energy production and maximise your investment. Includes all DC side components, including your power optimizers.

Ground Mounted Solar PV Packages

Ground Mounted Solar Panel Systems

Where your roof solar potential cannot be used due to size limitations, our ground mounted DIY solar PV kits and packages come handy to achieve energy independence in your home or business.

Which solar power kit is right for me?

Every project is unique so we’re here to help you determine the right kit for you. Our knowledgeable team of techs will answer your questions and make sure you select the appropriate kit for your project. Or browse our resources, videos, and guides to help decide which solar system kit best suits your needs.

What does my solar kit contain?

Each kit contains all the major components you need to install a complete solar power system. Choose from a variety of solar power kits to accommodate your installation needs. Our grid-tied kits include solar panels, inverters and a racking system. The off-grid solar power kits include batteries, solar panels, a power center and your racking system. Complete kits are also available for grid-tied systems with a battery backup, RV and marine off-grid systems and remote industrial solar panel systems. Customize any kit with additional items that align with your project needs.

What if my energy needs change?

Our designers are experts at building flexible systems that can grow right along with your energy needs. Solar panel kits make the perfect starting point for a project that may need more energy down the line. We customize each kit for your needs, so that your system is expandable to account for increases in energy consumption.

Are these solar panel kits and systems right for me?

A typical 4kW Solar PV system requires up to 28 square meters (300 square feet) of space. Ideal output will be achieved with an unobstructed south-facing view of the sun for maximum solar power. 4kW or 4 kilowatts is 4,000 watts of DC direct current power. This could produce an estimated 150 to 750 kilowatt hours (kWh) of alternating current (AC) power per month, assuming at least 5 sun hours per day with the solar array facing South. The actual power generated will vary based on location, equipment and installation factors. Refer to your electric utility bill to find the actual kWh used per month and compare it to how much power your selected solar pv package can generate.

Our solar pv panel kits and packages are sized to cover the losses in your system; therefore the listed size represents the NET power generated by your solar pv kit.

What is included in my DIY solar panel kit ?

Our solar pv kits INCLUDE all the solar components you need from start to finish.

  • Solar Panels/Modules – include EU and USA Made 60-cell polycrystalline panels with up to 25 year warranties; or monocrystalline superior quality solar panels from Bloomberg listed manufacturers.
  • Inverter + PV Optimizers – Includes manufacturers like Solis, Growatt, Kostal, Fronius, Victron, Huawei, Goodwe, Steca and Zeversolar as well as inverters from the two world leaders in solar PV inverters SMA with Tigo PV optimizers and SolarEdge inverter with PV optimizers.
  • Racking and Solar Mounting – Industry leading Schletter, Renusol, K2 or IronRidge racking mounts the solar panels to your roof.
  • System Monitoring – comes free with every kit purchased! View and analyze your solar energy production in real-time through your smartphone.
  • DC Cables, Connector and Disconnetors – from Eland, Stubli Multi Contact, Kraus & Naimer and Dehn will ensure you long terms reliability on your system.
  • Optional  – System Design and Financial Analysis – for We’ll engineer this system for your roof and calculate the payback on your solar investment.
  • Not Included – AC wire, conduit, fittings, breakers, junction boxes. All these items can be purchased at any local electrical supply shop and will typically cost between £150 to £600 (depending on your size of your system). Our technical representative will provide a shopping list once your plans are complete.
Solar+pv panels+cat

Solar PV Panels

grid-tied and off-grid Solar pv inverters, solar inverters

Solar PV Inverters

5m MC4 cable-5m solar cable-MC4 cable-MC4 connectiors-Female and Male MC4 connectiors-solar MC4 connectors-solar panel-solar-solar connectors-solar cable

Cables and Connectors

Solar Power managemet home manager solar energy meter

Energy Meters

solar DC-Isolator- solar dc swtiches solar dc disconnectors solar AC switches solar AC disconnectors

Solar Switches

solar monitoring

Solar Monitoring

Solar optimizers SMA Tigo optimizers SolarEdge Optimizers

Solar PV Optimizers

Solar-Mounting-and racking

Racking and Mounting

1-2kW Solar Kits
1kW Solar Panel System £1199
1.5kW Solar Panel System £1399
2kW Solar Panel System £1799
2.5-3.6kW Solar Kits
2.5kW Solar Panel System £2199
3kW Solar Panel System £2499
3.6kW Solar Panel System £2699
4-6kW Solar Kits
4kW Solar Panel System £3599
5kW Solar Panel System £3899
6kW Solar Panel System £4599
8-12kW Solar Kits
8kW Solar Panel System £6499
10kW Solar Panel System £7299
12kW Solar Panel System £8299
15-20kW Solar Kits
15kW Solar Panel System £POA
18kW Solar Panel System £POA
20kW Solar Panel System £POA

How easy is it to install a solar system?

  • Any grid tie solar system up to 4kW can be installed in one but max 2 days. A solar system package between 8kW and 20kW can take up to one full week.
  • Our solar kits use industry leading solar panels, solar inverters, and mounting systems specifically selected and combined to make do-it-yourself installation possible.
  • Any licensed electrician can install a solar pv package easily. A homeowner who has wired an AC outlet and is comfortable working on their roof can install our DIY solar kits.

The installation of a solar system, even from a complete kit is considered above the average homeowner’s skill set and should not be taken upon lightly. Each task is rather simple, but you will be working at heights, on a angle, probably in the heat of the bright sun, working with power tools, hoisting large expensive pieces of glass up ladders and across a roof peppered with racking and wiring.

You’ll also be working with DC voltages above 300VDC and household 240V AC. You should be good with simple math and be mechanically inclined. If you’re willing to give it a try, it can be a rewarding experience both in saving you a lot of money and of giving you a great sense of accomplishment.

With all that said we strongly recommend to use a certified electrician or a solar contractor to ensure all local and safety regulations are met during installation. 

If you feel that self-installation is not for you, we can help you find a local solar contractor to help you with the process. If you need one in your area please contact us.

What is the installation process?

A typical solar roof mounted system for a home can be installed within 2 days once a permit is obtained from your city or county (IF needed).  After that, it’s just 5 easy steps until you’re producing power from the sun.

  1. Take your plan set to your city or county and apply for a permit to install. The plan review process can take between 10 and 30 days. Once the city or county approves your plans and issues your permit you may begin installing your solar system.
  2. First, the racking and mounting system must be installed. This is the most laborious process of the solar installation process. You have to locate the rafters on your home and secure the racking system directly to them.
  3. Once the racking and mounting system is on your roof, the solar panels and inverters can be quickly installed. The inverter(s) are then tied into the grid through a dedicated breaker in your main service panel.
  4. When the installation is complete, your city or utility company inspector must sign off on it. You can accomplish this by scheduling an inspection meeting with them.
  5. Lastly, you must send the final job card, interconnection paperwork, and your net metering agreement to your utility. They will then grant you “Permission to Operate”. It can take up to 4 weeks after passing inspection for your utility company to provide you Permission to Operate.

5+ Please note that in majority of the countries if you will have an export limitation package (power management package) installed with your solar PV system you wont need any approval from local authorities and/or your utility company.  

Our job is not over until your system is producing clean energy from the sun! We offer you guidance, support throughout the installation process with manuals, videos, and technical support.

Benefits of going solar

  • Governments provide subsidies or a tax credits on all residential solar installations. Check it here for your country.
  • Some state & local governments as well as some utilities are also offering financial incentives to homeowners. For USA check here. For European countries here.
  • Investing in solar on your roof provides 6%-13% return on investment, better than most other investments today.
  • By going solar you’ll be supporting local jobs and helping your country become more energy independent.
  • By going solar you’ll be reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and help clean up the environment for future generations.
  • Last but not least you will increase your home value.

Why choose us?

We are an employee owned company, active globally with local presence in all countries through our ZERO Bills Alliance contractor network. 0Bills is one of America’s and EU` leading experts in residential solar PVsystem installations. In addition to the lowest retail pricing on solar panels, solar inverters, and other solar PV components, we’ll help you every step of the way including – as optional service – designing your system, permitting, interconnection and installation.

Shop with confidence knowing you’ll receive free technical support from beginning to end until your system is powered up and you’re generating free energy from the sun!

NOTE: You should also budget for shipping cost and applicable taxes for your country when you purchase our solar kits (VAT for Europe, sales tax for USA; GST for Australia). All prices, specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Contact us for most current information. Sale prices, rebates, or discounts may not be eligible with certain promotions.

Call + 44 333 772 0526 or + 1 786 600 1814 to give us details about your house and we or one of our ZERO Bills Alliance Member contractor can quickly provide a guidance on which solar PV package would produce the desired energy if installed at the proposed location to achieve energy independence.

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