Insurance and Optional Delivery Services

Through our carriers we offers a wide range of Optional Delivery Services – from insurance, non-standard deliveries and various options to climate neutral shipping. In this way, we give you the flexibility to choose the service that best fits your needs when using our partner` delivery services worldwide.

Please note that not all Optional Services are available with every shipment or in every country.

Shipment Insurance

Shipment Insurance can be arranged for express parcels, although some restrictions and limitations may apply. These will depend on the destination and contents of the shipment.

Our Partners’s Shipment Insurance meets the general requirements for loss and damage to goods in transit. Protection is effective from the time our carrier has control or possession of the shipment until the time of delivery. Physical loss or damage of goods is covered, subject to specific limitations and exclusions.

Limitations and exclusions

Shipment Insurance covers items in transit worldwide, although temporary restrictions may apply from time to time as a consequence of, but not limited to, political, terrorist, nuclear and war risks, or on the advice of government officials. It does not cover the following: delay; ordinary leakage; loss in weight or volume, or wear and tear of the shipment; loss, damage or expense caused by insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation of the shipment; loss, damage or expense caused by inherent vice or nature of the shipment; loss, damage or expense attributable to the willful misconduct by the customer or its agents; loss, damage or expense caused by delay; loss, damage or expense arising from the use of any atomic or nuclear weapon or radioactivity.

Basis of loss settlement

Cover is limited to the value declared by the shipper, replacement cost, invoice value or actual cash value whichever is the lowest. Evidence may be requested to substantiate the declared value in the event of a claim. In the event of total loss of your shipment, with Shipment Insurance, you will also be entitled to a refund of the shipping charge. In the event of a partial loss, you will be entitled to a refund of the relevant proportion of the shipping charge. When more than one shipment that is covered is subject to loss or damage arising from a single event, the maximum aggregate compensation for all such shipments is limited to 5 million EUR.

Restrictions and Exclusions for Shipment Insurance

Excluded Countries The Shipment Insurance program is not available for imports, exports, domestic transits or storage for the following countries: Cuba Iran Myanmar North Korea North Sudan Syria Restricted Countries The Shipment Insurance program can provide coverage for international shipments from the time they are loaded onto or off of an international flight in Iraq or Afghanistan. However, domestic or inland transit coverage within Iraq and/or Afghanistan is not automatically covered, but may be obtained on a case by case basis. In order to obtain inland transit coverage, please contact us to discuss with the Risk Management team. Inland transit coverage must be agreed in writing with our carrier before any transport of the Shipment.

How to make a claim

If you wish to make a claim, you should always notify us or our carrier as soon as possible, but in any event, no later than 30 calendar days from the date that the carrier accepted the shipment.

The shipment Insurance is charge based on the shipment value as an additional charge to applicable transportation charges at a fixed value of £12 (British Pound) or 1.5% of the stated shipment value for higher value items.  They will be billed in accordance with the published rates of our carriers current at the time the shipment booking is made.

GOGREEN Climate Neutral

You can take care of the environment while shipping your goods. Through our Partners we offer an all-inclusive carbon off-setting service for account customers who wish to balance their transport activities with real measures to protect the environment. The service comprises the calculation of carbon emissions at shipment level, the offsetting of those carbon emissions through our Parner’s Carbon Management activities, and the annual certification of those offsetting activities by an accredited third party, Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). Ask for pricing. 

ZERO Carbon Estimate

This reporting service offers a single high level estimate of the carbon emissions for a company shipping with our carriers during the previous 3 month period. Reports are derived by applying generic carbon emission factors against the actual shipping services used between all origins and destinations. Ask for pricing.

GOGREEN Carbon Footprint

This reporting service offers a detailed calculation of the actual carbon emissions for a company shipping with our carriers during a previous time period. Quarterly and annual reports are based on the actual shipping services used, and by applying an advanced calculation methodology to specific carbon data, footprint reports can be provided by trade lane; by destination; by period of time; or by account number. Ask for pricing.
Insurance and Optional Delivery Services
Optional Delivery Services are in addition to applicable transportation/delivery charges. They will be billed in accordance with the rates current at the time the shipment booking is made.
Insurance and Optional Delivery Services
Neither SA nor the Operator provides banking and insurance services. The Insurance is provided either by our Global Logistical Partner or by a third party authorised by FCA.