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Why Join Our Global Network?

zerobills alliance member logoIn the current competitive climate, national and international firms need to find new ways to leverage their existing services and capacities. An international platform such as, and provides just the right opportunity to meet such challenges. Our business approach brings together a full range of portfolio expanding sales and services to help improve your profitability through joining our ZERO Bills Alliance.

Our Global Network’s Partners get an opportunity to learn from those who see things differently through their own cultures, marketplaces and business practices. It gives them the leverage to overcome client perceptions that they are not equipped to handle complicated client engagements or cases that extend beyond international borders and not only. Rather than losing their growing clients to the bigger players in the market, partners are able to stay competitive and even win new clients that ordinarily may have engage services from a larger service provider.

One of our special focuses is to help clients setup their business in any country with the help of the right partner who should also be a one-stop solution center for clients and not just a wholesaler, engineering, or installer firm. This can be achieved by being a member of ZERO Bills Alliance Network with members throughout the world to meet the challenges of a global marketplace.

Partner’s Benefits

Globalization & Synergetic Cooperation
You get access to local businesses and like-minded professionals in all major markets of the world, leveraging their combined expertise and knowledge accumulated over many years allowing you to serve your clients better offering them a combination of global resources, business expertise and local market knowledge.

Market exclusivity
We will only choose one exclusive partner per county / geographical location based on their core expertise; with this approach we can ensure that you are able to share ideas and information with your peers and not your competitors. This gives member firms exclusivity in their city or country and positions them optimally for potential referrals from other ZERO Bills Alliance members around the world.

Competitive advantage
Meeting clients’ international needs and serving them more comprehensively, reducing the risk of customer leaving your firm for a competitor.

One of the most powerful benefits to ZERO Bills partners is that they are a part of a “global referral network” resulting in increased business by tapping into business potential worldwide.

Networking Opportunities
Through International conferences providing information on important topics, regionally and internationally, you get to meet like-minded professionals face-to-face and develop business and personal relationships.

Training & Development
ZERO Bills Alliance partners provide knowledge and resource-sharing opportunities worldwide, covering general as well as niche specialties of corporate services.

International Staff Exchange
Professionals from partner firms obtain practical experience in other countries and get to help fellow partners during peak seasons. This also allows your staff to start thinking out of your immediate region.

Marketing Support & Promotion
We use various marketing and communication channels to promote partner firms. These include a public relations programs; client-partner networking events; participation in relevant world surveys and interviews in trade related journals. Besides, we have in-house Marketing teams and in-house Web Developers who specialize in web site development & maintenance (SEO, SEM) and social media setup & maintenance. They are able to assist you with on-line digital marketing, web site development and other marketing activities.

Venture Capital Support
We will work with you to explore and source for venture capital support if your business need more funding for expansion within the local market to capture a bigger market share.

Succession Planning
We provide succession planning where you can sell your business to our network should you decide to exit from the industry.

Branding & Recognition
We allow permitted use of our networking logo by our fellow members for better positioning and branding in the industry for an enhanced image and reputation as compared to other market players.

Internet Network
Our members’ on-line platform electronically links you to all partners providing members readily available information in the members’ website.

ZERO Bills Alliance publishes annual e-newsletters to our members. Members will be able to receive the e-newsletters containing various updates, events, development, articles, etc including changes and new developments within the network, market and industry.

Partnership Criteria – LEARN MORE

Interested to join our International ZERO Bills Alliance of installer and sales partner firms network? Fill up the form below or contact us at to get more information about our international group and our ZERO Bills Alliance. We will continue to strive to become the leading renewable and energy efficiency networks and associations both in the region and globally.


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