Making Payments

Making Payments on is easy and straightforward. Although you have the option to view and change the prices in different currencies (GBP, EURO and USD – Top Right corner of the page) your final invoice will be always in GBP; therefore  all payments will be made in British Pounds (GBP) or if it is the case in the base currency of the Operator.

All our payment methods are PSD2 complaint, support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as well as 3D Secure Authentication.

During checkout, the choice of how you would like to pay for your order is yours.

All prices shown in the our web-shop are NET without VAT and applicable taxes or fees for your country (if any; for example: bank fees, import duties, taxes and fees, etc.). For products which require special handling in case of disposal, the prices do not include these costs. (for ex. li-ion batteries, in some countries the solar panels, etc.)

Making Payment by Direct Bank Transfer (BACS)

All payments via bank transfer (BACS) should be made to:

  • Solaranna Ltd.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Bank` Address: 1-4 High Street, CF10 1PX, Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • Account Number: 11114875
  • Sort code: 16 – 15 – 21
  • Reference: please use your order number or your invoice number

When making a payment from another country, use: 

  • IBAN: GB84RBOS16152111114875

Transferwise logo small

For international bank transfers (payments from outside the UK), especially when currency exchange is involved we recommend using Transferwise Services. Simple to use, straightforward and beside the best exchange rates they have the  lowest bank transfer fees. Normally there is a fixed fee paying by card and it is free if you pay from your bank account directly through them. All you need to do is just to register with Transferwise. Registration it takes less then 2 minutes. You will need to do it once and you are ready to go.

Supporting 30 currencies and over 300 currency routes, Transferwise is a great platform for sending money abroad. Transferwise also charges no registration fees for new users. You can register with your email address or make the most out of the one-click registration option by connecting Transferwise with your Google or Facebook account.

You will need 3 things for a transfer via Transferwise: our company name (Solaranna Ltd), your card details and our IBAN Number which is: GB84RBOS16152111114875.

All payments will be converted into GBP (British Pounds). Please note that any bank transfer charges incurred in respect of your order will be added to your balance.

sofort klarna logo

SEPA – Direct Bank Transfer – Sofortüberweisung by Klarna

Customers from United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland can pay via their SOFORT account. The SOFORT Banking payment gateway by Klarna facilitates online bank transfer via,  a popular payment provider in Europe.

Credit or Debit card payment over the phone

Due to the increased incidents of credit and debit card frauds globally, we are no longer able to accept credit or debit card payments over the phone.

Neither`s nor its Operator` s national and international sales representatives, business developers, account managers and/or staff are entitled to take your credit or debit card card details over the phone! If anyone requesting that information from you  – for and on behalf of us – that is definitely a scam. DO NOT PAY IT and contact us immediately! 

Exceptions: Credit or Debit Card Payments over the phone are possible only for returning customers and only in cases when your card details are processed by your dedicated Account Manager on 0Bills. In all these cases the transaction details must be and will be cross-checked or confirmed via mail with your Account Manager. This is always done through and within your registered account. If checked, your payment will be processed via Takepayments by Barclays Bank UK. Neither nor the Operator will store your card details.

Credit or Debit Card Processing – Barclays, Stripe and KLARNA

0Bills klarna payments

Major cards are accepted. You have two choices to pay by Credit or Debit Card.:

  1. Choosing “Pay by Card “ – we limited this payment option via Klarna platform to £500 + shipping + fees.  For any transaction up to £500 you can use the secured Checkout by Klarna. which is fully integrated on the Checkout page.
  2. Choosing ” Debit or Credit Card ” – we limited this payment option via Stripe platform to £3000 + shipping + fees.  For any transaction up to £3,000.00 you can use the secured Checkout by Stripe. which is fully integrated on the Checkout page. Stripe is fully compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay as well.
  3. Choosing ” Card Payments” – we limited this payment option via TakePayments platform to £20,000 + shipping + fees.  For any transaction up to £20,000.00 you can use the secured Checkout by Barclays Bank. which is fully integrated on the Checkout page.

For payments exceeding £20,000.00 please use TransferWise, SEPA Payments or Direct Bank Transfer (BACS).

Delayed Payment or Payment in Instalments – B2B and B2C customers

Both private individual, trade customers and installers with proven credit line are welcome to apply for delayed payment or payment in instalments for their purchases.  Acceptance and approval is subject to Klarna and Deutsche Handelsbank Terms and Conditions.

Payment with Cheque

Cheque payments are not possible on and affiliated sites.

Cash Payments

For purchases made via 0Bills DIY Store cash payments are NOT possible. Neither`s nor its Operator` national and international sales representatives, business developers, account managers and/or staff are entitled to take cash payments from customers. If anyone requesting cash payment from you – for and on behalf of us – that is definitely a scam. DO NOT PAY IT! 

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is possible via KLARNA SOFORT.

Please note that whatever payment method you chose if we do not receive your payment clearance within 48 hours, as per our T&C your order will be cancelled automatically. 

Making Payments from Countries in the European Union (EU) and Non-EU countries – VALUE ADDED TAX

For Countries in the European Union (EU)

Individual customers: All prices at check-out will include VAT at a 20% rate. In countries where the Operator already exceeded the VAT threshold set by the European Union, customers will be charge the VAT rate of their own country.

Business Partner: Please quote your VAT registration number when ordering on behalf of a company.

We are registered as a company in United Kingdom with

EU VAT Number: GB 199036669

EU VATMOSS Number: GB 199036669

  • If you are an individual customer from EU/EEA your order is a matter of domestic business and we have to charge you the VAT.
  • If you are a business customer from EU/EEA with a valid EU VAT number you will be charged ZERO VAT on your purchase. Please check the validity of your VAT Number HERE. 
  • If you are a business customer from EU/EEA and you do not have a valid EU VAT number we have to charge you the VAT at 20%.

For NON-EU countries

Individual customers and businesses: All prices will be charged at ZERO VAT.

Payment of custom duties and other taxes


No customs duties apply to orders delivered within the EU, EEA, Canada and CEFTA+Turkey. Shipments to all the other countries will exclude all required customs declarations, except for the EUR.1 (Movement Certificate) and EUR.2 forms, respectively.

For detailed information please contact your local customs office, your local tax adviser or alternatively visit the European Commission webpage. 

For Non-EU states the payment of custom duties and other related fees (if applicable) will be paid by you as the customer. Please make sure that before you order and/or you make any payments you have a clear understanding of import regulations and fees applicable in your country. We strongly recommend you to consult with your local Customs Authority regarding your  order.

You may require any help during your payment please feel free to contact you local representative, your account manager or alternatively our colleagues from Customer Care.