For the latest Techie Top Tip, we went straight to the experts, Huawei, world leaders in consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment and, of course, 3 phase inverters! Choosing the size of an inverter is a simple task, however there are some considerations that must be kept in mind when doing this in order to design your […]

BEIS releases domestic fuel prices index that shows the shocking increase in electricity prices. Updated information from the government department BEIS, that compares electricity prices from Q3 2018 to Q3 2019, shows the absolute necessity to invest in storage for PV system owners. Electricity Prices Increase by Nearly 9% in the UK The report says: “Domestic […]

The JA Solar Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass Offer Significant Extra Yield at Minimal Extra Cost. Bifacial modules offer many advantages over traditional solar panels. Not least the extra power generation – some manufacturers claim up to 30% more power if the reflected light is from a white roof or light coloured ground. But also, […]

Government Publishes Future Homes Standard Consultation; options promise 20% or 31% reduction in carbon emissions and include solar PV. It sets out our plans for the Future Homes Standard, which will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency; it will be introduced by 2025. The […]

Are you an installer? Offer your customer a solar panel flat roof system that works as hard as they do. With Jinko MX panels and a Solis inverter – we’ll show you how you can optimise any flat roof space. Generate your own electricity – make commercial roofs work! More Roof Space = More Modules = More Output […]

SolarEdge Self-Consumption Solar Battery Kits and Packages that benefit both installer and system owner. A major factor when considering investing in solar PV is that power generation doesn’t always match time of demand. Also, with reduced subsidies, escalating energy costs and decreasing hardware prices, storage is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition. LG Chem RESU batteries and […]

What is AC or DC coupling? AC or DC coupling refers to the way solar panels are coupled or linked to an energy storage or battery system. The type of electrical connection between a solar array and a battery can be either Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). AC is when the current flows rapidly […]

How VAT charging is changing from 1st October? The rumours are true, from 1st October 2019 the way in which you can charge VAT on energy-saving materials (ESMs) in residential installations is changing. What’s changing? The VAT charged on ESMs used in residential solar installations will increase from the reduced rate of 5% to the standard rate of 20% – unless one of […]

SolarEdge Live WEBINARS: SolarEdge have just released a truckload of live webinar dates, sign up today! Watch SolarEdge Live WEBINARS SolarEdge is running a series of webinars in September to keep you up to date with their Design tool, SetApp, Monitoring, the unique EV Charging Inverter and the not-to-be-missed Tips & Tricks for installers. SolarEdge WEBINARS: […]

Science and Technology Committee Publish Report on Clean Growth Strategy: ‘Strong Policy Support’ for new solar power. The report, published on the 22nd August by the Science & Technology Select Committee, advises how the government should review the Smart Export Guarantee scheme by the end of 2020. They should ‘be ready to include a minimum […]