This article will help you find strategies to help you save energy during the cool fall and cold winter months with great fall and winter energy-saving tips. Some of the tips below are free and can be used on a daily basis to increase your savings; others are simple and inexpensive actions you can take […]

The Ecocapsule  is a Portable Solar-Powered Micro Home. Ecocapsule ® is a smart, self-sustainable micro-home, which utilizes solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury of a hotel room. Buy now the Ecocapsule – A Portable Solar-Powered Micro Home The Ecocapsule® is your design way […]

New Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree. What an innovative and clever idea! It’s not often we see that technology could change the world. Though it is becoming more common as technologies advance and people share more information on new design and tech. Solar Street Art  – Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree This wind turbine […]

What if there was an infinite source of energy that would never run out? Energy everyone had equal and abundant access?

ZEROhomebills offers premium high quality LED lamps from Affinity. Add LED lamps to your next order and offer your customer an all round service, not only installing a solar array, but also helping them get smarter about their energy.   These LED’s have many advantages such as: Long lasting life – estimated lifespan of 25,000 hours […]

285W Mono Black Frame uses MonoX® technology to produce this fantastic, high wattage module. That’s one of the reasons we like LG Solar Panels. Furthermore, LG Electronics gives a 25-year linear warranty on the LG MonoX® solar modules. This guarantees 6.7 % more output than with the usual phased warranties. View the 285W Module here […]

The 12kW & 16kW Samsung Heat Pumps can provide more for you. Providing a larger sized Heat Pump would be more beneficial as it will cope better in the colder weather and will provide more of a safety blanket for your customers. There are no rules on oversizing Heat Pumps according standards and the running costs […]

Prepare your customers for 2016 and allow them to get smarter with SMA’s storage solutions. The SMA Sunny Boy Smart Inverter is a wall-mounted PV inverter. It comes with an integrated battery that can increase the self-consumption of solar power in households by up to 50%. View now PV Inverters: SMA Sunny Boy  >> The Sunny […]

Have you seen the products available from Canadian Solar? It offers a 25-year linear performance warranty underwritten with 25-year insurance on its panels. Some of the Canadian Solar products we stock in our DIY Store: The Canadian Solar KuBlack CS3K-310MS 310W Solar Panels are high efficiency half-cell mono PERC panels with 18.66% efficiency. This solar […]

Triangle panels from Trienergia can be good example for the case when we can say that panels are beautiful. Overcome objections to “ugly” arrays and win more business with hipped roofs and Trienergia’s triangle panels. As an installer, you want to make sure you meet your customers requirements. It can be difficult if they have […]