Power Outages Are Not a Problem Anymore with the LG Chem Home Solar Battery LG Home Battery helps homeowners have their lights on during power outages as well as helping them stay off the grid resulting in reduction in electricity bills. LG Chem is planning to enlighten people more about home batteries so that more […]

Five reasons why to buy bifacial solar panels for you DIY solar project; in short, bifacial modules are the future of the industry. Price vs Output Some bifacial module manufacturers claim up to a 30% increase in production just from the extra power generated from the rear, so the extra expense is mitigated. Price Per […]

The most frequent misconception on solar panel systems is that customers are convinced that if they have a solar panel system they will have uninterrupted power supply when the grid is down. Do Solar Panels Work During a Power Cut? The short answer is: it depends. As a default no.  If your home is connected […]

Help the authorities and yourself during this difficult time now with COVID-19 when travel is limited to essential journeys only. In some areas the police are stopping people and enquiring about their reason for travel during lock down and asking if their journey is necessary – however, construction sites have not yet been ordered to […]

Some useful resources for solar installers, business owners and everyone else! Any advice is gratefully received at times like these and information is changing daily. Here are a few useful links from MCS, the STA and GOV.UK, to help guide you at this difficult time. Stay safe.     Solar Industry Advice Regarding COVID-19 First up is a […]

Please be advised that due to COVID-19 the loading ban is still in place to the below towns in Italy so until further notice, we still cannot deliver to the below areas. 35030 Vo’ Euganeo 26845 Codogno 26823 Castiglione d’Adda 26841 Casalpusterlengo 26861 Fombio 26847 Maleo 26867 Somaglia 26821 Bertonico 26827 Terranova dei Passerini 26844 […]

We sell cost-effective Growatt inverters with a 10 year extendable warranty at best price. Founded in May 2010 Growatt is a relative newcomer to the solar industry but has become well-known and respected globally as a manufacturer of cost-effective inverters. Growatt Inverters – with EU factory and EU Technical Support for  Solar Systems Supported by […]

Unfortunately the Coronavirus COVID-19 has an effect on the solar panel stocks both in Europe and USA. Especially that both Europe and the USA just entering the full solar season of the calendar year. Since majority of the solar panel brand and/or the solar cells used for solar panel manufacturing are manufactured in China the […]

“The SolaX 3PH hybrid range come equipped with an impressive array of features.” 0Bills offers the SolaX 3ph Hybrid in a range of sizes starting from 5.0kW up to 10kW. As standalone units these can deliver relatively high amounts of generation, but as hybrid inverters can be combined with up to 25kWh’s worth of storage per […]

Since reports of the coronavirus outbreak, our supply chain team has been working around the clock to limit the impact on our business and on the solar industry in general. Despite these efforts, we expect disruption to supply for roughly 8-12 weeks. As most of our products, or at least their components are manufactured in […]