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MALAWI 2021 SOLAR Rural Electrification Sponsorship 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy Store

2021 Malawi Community and Rural Electrification

For the many of you who know Malawi is one of the least electrified countries globally with only 4% of the rural population connected to electricity. My goal is to deliver 100 small off-grid solar system kits which will empower Malawi’s rural small households with access to free and clean, on-demand electricity, while improving significantly the learning conditions of children in rural areas.

The Malawi 2021 Project supported by Phaesun  and 0Bills DIY Solar, also aims to go beyond basic electrification of households by providing – in the second phase – solar systems kits which will support entrepreneurial activities like phone charging stations; home hair salons and investing in fridges to sell juice and drinks. All helping to expand and optimize family incomes beyond farming.

WE STAND UP FOR NATURE WWF Sponsorship 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy

We stand up for nature

DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR YOUR PLANET. Our planet is an amazing place. But it will only stay that way if people like you take actions to keep it that way. In April, 2018 ZEROhomebills.com , through its operator; Solaranna Limited. joined the cause as a permanent member of the World Wildlife Fund; which mission we share and promote. Together with WWF we’re determined to achieve the greatest impact possible through our work focusing on sustainability living, wildlife and nature protection and restoration; furthermore reducing carbon emission.  So, what will you do for your planet? Join our cause here: https://www.wwf.org.uk

Working Together to Restore Power After Hurricane Irma

When I have seen the images of the devastation from the hurricane Irma, I realized extremely fast that those folks down there need assistance and they need it now. Those customers were loyal to us for the past years, therefore it was the time to return this favor. Special packages and special prices were prepared, beside the donations we made  through our company from Curacao.


Oltalom Charity Society - Homeless Children Program

A kindergarten for the poor and needy named Oltalom Charity started its operation in Budapest in 2005. The circumstances have been genuinely bad. There are kids at the age of 4 who had never eaten meat before they started attending the kindergarten. They have difficulties with daily personal hygiene, living conditions. Some of them only live in a transition house or temporary home. They have been often lacking food and basic needs. ZEROhomebills.com SA donated toys and clothing for the children.

PV4GAZA PROJECT Sponsorship 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy Store

PV4Gaza Project

In light of the electricity crisis in Gaza and Palestinian Territories  ZEROhomebills.com offers special prices for products installed in these territories. Are you a Palestinian or an installer in Gaza? Contact the operator for details and special prices.

FEED A FAMILY - SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS PROGRAM Sponsorship 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy Store

FEED a Family - Syrian Refugee Crisis

For more than a decade the Founders of Solaranna have been helping people in West Africa. Since 2015 our help is needed in Budapest. If you’d like to help us lend a helping hand to Syrian war refugees, please join us with donations or volunteer work.

Green Sahara Project PROGRAM Sponsorship 0Bills


We believe that with our ideas and  technologies the project will create a sustainable and profitable source of energy, food, vegetation and water. Project officially was launched in 2015. Pilot Project to be started March 2018 in Egypt and later on in Saudi Arabia in November 2019. The project is led by a group of senior experts from North Carolina State University (United States), Europa Studio Pty (Australia) and Solaranna from United Kingdom.

WATER2AFRICA Sponsorship 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy Store


Solaranna made several donations to Water2Africa Project aiming to provide fresh potable water for children in remote locations in Mali, Mauritania and Sierra Leone; furthermore a team from Solaranna participated in the installation of several water wells in Mauritani and Mali.

IPEEC Contribution 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy Store


Since 2015 the Partners of Solaranna and ZEROhomebills.com SA are a continuing contributors to IPPEC-EEFTG which aims to enhance capital flows for energy efficiency investments. It also serves as a forum for G20 policy‑makers to engage with the private and public finance community, industry and international organisations.

TRIANGLE KAYAKERS & BEYOND Sponsorship 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy Store


Triangle Kayakers & Beyond is for those who not only enjoy kayaking, but hiking, skating, cycling and just about anything else which requires a fun attitude & a love of adventure. Working at ZEROhomebills.com SA is also about having fun. Why not sponsoring a recreational club built around joy and fun as well? Yes, we did it.

WORLD GREEN CITIZEN Membership 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy Store


World Green Citizen is a global platform that aim to help people adopting a Sustainable Living attitude and habit through awareness, facts and actions. As members of the World Green Citizens Initiative we work 24/7 on 365 day a year to create a green and sustainable world for the next generation.  Join our cause today!

Sustainable Development Goals UN 0Bills DIY Solar and Wind Energy


United Nations Sustainable Development Campaign created unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to embark on a new path to improve the lives of people everywhere. At ZEROhomebills.com SA we are proud to be contributors to this global campaign.

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