Energy Storage

Solar Energy storage means using batteries in order to store energy.

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Either solar PV, hydro or wind renewable energy systems produce energy or it is taken from the grid to perform useful processes at a later time. For example to run your equipment and appliances, heat or cool your home.

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Battery Storage is the perfect solution for off-grid applications for electricity. In cases when high fluctuations characterize the used on-grid electrical system, power storage systems can secure a stable electric power. They can also operate as a back-up power system.

Power storage solutions from leading brands

We offer a range and the latest technology of batteries, solar battery storage systems, energy storage kits and tailor made packages for on- and off-grid storage solutions. We sell only products from leading brands like Tesvolt, SMA, BYD, BMZ, LG CHEM, Fronius, Victron, Axitec Energy, Varta, Growatt, Solax, Moll, Rolls, Phaesun and many more.

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