Energy Storage Kits

Our Energy Storage Kits are specially selected for residential and commercial use.  from the best manufacturers in the industry at best prices from 1.2kW to 4 MW capacity. We sell solar battery and Energy Storage kits & packages from LG Chem, Pylontech, Enphase Energy, BYD, BMZ, Victron, SMA and Tesvolt.

This kit is one of the most complicated and costly components of any grid tie or off-grid solar power system.

Your solar battery storage needs to be large enough to supply power year-round. Nothing is more frustrating than suffering a power outage because your battery bank doesn’t store enough energy.

On the other hand, too much energy storage capacity means your system won’t be able to fully recharge. If your battery bank is too large, your batteries can’t get the full charge, which can ruin the batteries. Basically you will shorten the lifetime of your batteries.

Our Energy Storage kits include:

  • Self-Consumption Battery Storage Kits
  • Back-Up Battery Storage Kits
  • Commercial Solar Battery Kits
  • Small Off-Grid Kits
  • Caravan, Boat and Motorhome Kits
  • Solar Pumping Kits
  • Off-Grid Home Solar Kits