Off Grid Solar Kits

With the rising cost of electricity, off grid solar systems are becoming more and more popular with home and business owners, including farmers in rural areas because they’re given the freedom to completely fire the electric company and live without a monthly electric bill, increased “service charges” and generate their own never-ending clean energy.

Benefits of the off grid solar power kits:

Absolutely no bill from the electric company
Ideal for remote locations where electric lines are cost-prohibitive
Not subject to utility regulations and rules OFF-Grid Solar Kits

Typical off grid solar system components:

  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • Solar panel combiner box & DC disconnect
  • High-efficiency DC-AC inverter
  • Breakers, surge protector & ground-fault protector
  • Wattage meter
  • Charge controller to prevent battery overcharge damage
  • High-capacity batteries for power storage

If you want to get rid of the electric company entirely, or live where the power lines just don’t come, an off grid solar system is the right choice when going solar. If you have questions about what type of solar power system is right for you, please contact us or call one of our solar professionals today at +44 333 772 0526 or + 1 786 6001814.


0Bills solar manufacturers provide up to a 30 year power guarantee on the solar panels. We offer the longest power guarantee on the solar panel in the industry to assured our solar panels generation of energy, and also to assured you get the right return based on your investment. solar panels 30 years power guarantee provide a reliability which is beyond compare. OFF-Grid Solar Kits
0Bills also offer up a 10 year component warranty on the Components. By using ZEROhomebills as your innovative solar solution, you can benefits from our warranty!