Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV)

Solar photovoltaic panels (PV) allow you to generate your own electricity using energy from the sun. They don’t need direct sunlight only daylight, so they also work on cloudy days.

By generating your own electricity you could save on your energy bills. Plus with the Government’s Feed-in Tariff, you could be paid for every kilowatt hour (kWh) you generate into the grid. The rate you will receive depends on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating your home achieves and/or the size of the solar system you install on your home or business.

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We sell solar photovoltaic pv panels from 20W to 410W and up to 22% efficiency.


Some of 0Bills` solar manufacturing partners provide up 30 year power guarantee on the solar panels. They offer the longest power guarantee on the solar panels in the industry for uninterrupted power generation based on extremely quality control.

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