Wind Power

Our wind power generation category includes all what you need to produce electricity with wind energy. Start producing , storing and using your own energy today. Go Energy independent! Wind turbines and generators, wind and hybrid inverters, on and off-grid wind turbine kits and packages as well as all accessories you need.

For wind power to be a viable solution, wind speeds must exceed the turbine’s start-up speed (typically 8-12+ kmh  -5-8+ mph). This is the minimum speed required for the turbine to produce power. Contact us to determine if a hybrid wind/solar system makes sense for your project.

Our wind power generators come from industry leading manufacturers like Silentwind, Primus, Phaesun and many more; offering superior quality, reliability and guarantee conditions. Majority of the wind generators were tested for harsh environment; therefore are suitable for any weather conditions.

The best products from the best wind turbine brands at best price.