Wind Inverters and Chargers

The wind turbine inverters and chargers we sell come only from Tier 1 manufacturers. We feature in our DIY store Phocos, Victron, Silentwind at best price.

Wind Inverters and Chargers for Sale front picture

Our hybrid wind solar charge controllers are rated from 400W to 3000W. Can be used with  12V, 24V and 48V deep cycle or lithium ion batteries. 

Buy Wind Inverters and Chargers at Best Price!

The wind and sun inveters and chargers are fully automated and will automatically shut down. to: 

  • Prevent the battery from overcharge. It stops automatically when the battery is full charged
  • Prevent the battery from over discharge, it will down load when the voltage is lower than the default parameter.
  • Prevent supply electricity from the battery to solar panels at night 

The wind turbine controllers have automatic braking of the turbine when the wind turbine output voltage is too high; and majority of them come with a LCD display.