Wind Turbine Kits

These DIY solar and home wind turbine kits and packages are ideal for locations with a steady wind flow. In winter when there is less sun the system generates power with the wind generator.

For turbines to be a viable solution, wind speeds must exceed the turbine’s start-up speed (typically 8-12+ kmh  -5-8+ mph). This is the minimum speed required for the turbine to produce power. Contact us to determine if a hybrid wind/solar system makes sense for your project.

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These integrated sets allow an easy operation of 12 VDC consumers, such as light, radio, or 12 VDC pond pumps etc. If you connect a 230 VAC inverter, you can also supply any electrical device just as if you were on the grid!

This set is an ideal solution if you need solar power only in the evening hours or weekends, e.g. in your garden or holiday home. The kit does not include the pole!

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