30 Watt Solar Attic Fan

30 Watt Solar Attic Fan

£406.06 excl. VAT

  • 20 Gauge steel housing & flashing stands up to high winds, hail, rain and snow
  • Whisper quiet 14″ fan blade
  • 30 Watt solar panel that tilts and swivels for optimal positioning
  • 20 Year warranty
  • Professional installation available in most areas

Use a single fan to ventilate up to 2,800 sq. feet.

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30 Watt Solar Attic Fan

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30 Watt Solar Attic Fan

Product Specifications

Service Area

Fan Blade 14″

2,800 sq. Feet
– 20 Year Housing
– 20 Year Panel
– 5 Year Motor
– Fan
– Solar Panel
– Mounting Hardware
– Thermal Switch



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Additional information

Product Category

Solar Attic Fans

Rated Power (W/kW)

30 W



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