45W LED Panel 6000K – 595x595mm – IP40 – Optional Dimmable Driver

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The perfect fluorescent replacement

Measuring 595mm x 595mm, this IP40 rated LUMiLife 45W panel light typically replaces 600mm T8/T5 fluorescent tubes lights set in 600×600 grids. Which is why they’re the popular lighting choice for hotels, factories, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals and the like.

Energy use will be reduced by up to 65% and you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in light quality.

TUV certified

Proven quality and safety is at the heart of both the panel and driver, which are fully certified by trusted independent body TUV.

Plus, they also come complete with CE and ROHS certifications which allow for wider trade and evidenced quality control.

Long life lighting

While fluorescent tubes tend to flicker towards the end of their life, panel lights maintain their brightness and quality.

They also last far longer. This 45W panel will give you 35,000 hours of service, which is 20 times longer than older light sources.

More lumens, less power

Beaming up to 3800 lumens of light, this panel uses its power for brightness, while losing little to heat, unlike other lighting sources.

Installation and driver options

You have plenty of options when it comes to installing this panel, including; surface mounting, slide-in installation and suspended installation using a hanging kit. See installation guide below for more details.

Plus, as well as the standard driver that comes with the panel, you can also use DALI and TRIAC dimmable drivers which are both fully compatible.

Electrical connection

Installation instructions

Please note

  • 1. Please read the specification first to make sure the service environment matches the conditions in the specification.
  • 2. Please confirm the applicable power supply before using.
  • 3. Make sure the switch of product is off before connecting to the power supply to prevent electric shock.
  • 4. If instruction aren’t followed closely, you may end up damaging your property as well as running a risk to personal safety.
  • 5. Preliminary estimate required quantity of LED panel lights, then according to the power rating of single panel light to figure out the total power and design power supply plan.
  • 6. Dangerous high voltage, professional expertise from an electrician is advised.
  • 7. If the exterior flexible cable or wire is damaged, it must be exchanged by the supplier, its agent or other similar qualified personnel to avoid dangers.
  • 8. Features male and female twist and lock connectors.
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45W LED Panel 6000K – 595x595mm – IP40 – Optional Dimmable Driver

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45W LED Panel 6000K – 595x595mm – IP40 – Optional Dimmable Driver

SKU BU-PANEL-6X6-45W-D-6000
Lumens – Cool White 3800
Lumens – Daylight 3730
Protection Rating IP40
Beam Angle 110
Power Consumption 45 W
Input Power 180-240V
Size (mm) 595 x 595
Wattage 45 W
Replacement For T8/T5 Tubes
Average Life in Hrs 36,000
Dimmable (Option) Yes
Kelvin 4000 / 6000
Colour Daylight and Cool White
Warranty 5 Year
CE, RoHs

LUMiLife has sold over 4 million LED bulbs since its formation in 2011, with over 2 million lamps over the past 12 months alone, resulting in customer energy cost savings in excess of £10 million and a reduction of approximately 27,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Partnering with Batteries Plus Bulbs Group, the LUMiLife brand of LED lighting is sold throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Australia.r Products with not only value for money and quality in mind, but reliability and longevity. 45W LED Panel 6000K – 595x595mm – IP40 – Optional Dimmable Driver

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Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 5 cm
Product Category

LED Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Panel Lights



Rated Power (W/kW)

45 W


Cool White

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