ABB Fimer REACT2 Lithium Ion Solar Battery Module

ABB Fimer REACT2 Lithium Ion Solar Battery Module

£2,549.90 excl. VAT

  • Rating: 4,000 W
  • Phases: 1
  • The ABB REACT2 Lithium Ion Solar Battery Storage Module is IP54 rated; therefore is suitable for indoor installations ONLY!
  • Discharge power 1.5 kW, charge power 1 kW
  • Power and signal cables included
  • The cost of lithium battery disposal not included
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ABB’s new REACT2 energy storage solution includes a high-voltage Li-ion battery with a long life and a storage capacity of up to 12 kWh. The modular solution can grow with the needs of any household from 4 kWh to 12 kWh and significantly reduce electricity charges thanks to an achievable energy self-reliance of up to 90 percent.

REACT2 is FIMER’s photovoltaic energy storage system, allowing to store excess energy and optimize the energy use in residential applications. Thanks to the possibility of both AC and DC side connection, REACT 2 is the ideal solution for new systems or the retrofitting of existing ones, allowing homeowners to improve their energy self-consumption and save on their energy bills.

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  • Li-lon battery unit for energy storage (from min 4 kWh to 12 kWh)
  • Industry leading energy efficiency
  • Suitable for new and existing applications
  • Battery units can be upgraded anytime during lifetime of system
  • Flexible and modular design, optimizes installation space
  • Simple and safe installation with plug and play connection
  • System monitoring through dedicated mobile app
  • Modbus TCP/RTU Sunspec compliant

ABB Fimer REACT2 – available in sizes 3.6 and 5.0 kW, with a storage capacity ranging from 4 to 12 kWh.

This new line, available in power ratings of 3.6 and 5.0 kW, has one of the industry’s highest energy efficiency rates, providing
up to 10% more energy than lower voltage battery systems.

Design flexibility

The different set-up configurations available allow maximum installation flexibility and optimization of available spaces. Quick and easy to install thanks to the simple plug and play connection, both on inverter and battery side.

Smart connectivity

Future proof technology enables a full smart home experience with advanced communication features and load management capabilities. The embedded data logger and direct transferring of data to a secure cloud platform allows customers to monitor and keep their system under control through the dedicated mobile app.

The advanced communication interfaces combined with a standard Modbus communication protocol, Sunspec compliant, allow the inverter to be easily integrated within any smart environment and with third party monitoring and control systems

Possible ABB REACT2 configurations

Possible ABB REACT 2 configurations


ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) is a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, operating mainly in robotics and the power and automation technology areas. It ranked 286th in the Fortune Global 500 list (2016). The corporation is one of the largest engineering companies as well as one of the largest conglomerates in the world. ABB has operations in around 100 countries, with approximately 132,000 employees in December 2016. ABB is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zürich, Nasdaq Stockholm and the New York Stock Exchange in the United States. The best li-ion solar batteries from NASDAQ, Bloomberg and Fortune 500 listed battery manufacturers at best price; suitable for all weather conditions.

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ABB with a range of dynamic battery energy storage systems for solar applications has developed an effective and efficient approach that enables energy produced from a PV system to be stored and then used when required. The ABB Fimer battery systems do not emit any CO2 emissions. They also maximize the efficient use of renewable energy sources by reducing their inherent intermittency, facilitating integration into the grid.

Top 12 Global Li-ion Battery Manufacturers

Rank* Company  Installed Capacity GWh Revenue Market Cap
1 LG Chem 17 $23.1 Billion $23.9 Billion
2 BYD 16 $15.5 Billion $15.4 Billion
3 Panasonic 8.5 $71.8 Billion $31.8 Billion
4 AESC 8.4
5 CATL $3.0 Billion $23.3 Billion
6 Guoxuan High-Tech $718 Million $2.3 Billion
7 Samsung SDI 6 $5.7 Billion $14.0 Million
8 Lishen 3
9 CBAK 2.5 $58.4 Million $19.2 Million
10 CALB 2.4
11 LEJ 2.3
12 Wanxiang 2.1 $1.7 Billion $2.6 Billion

Solar batteries still cost more in some countries than a standard diesel generator, but they can provide backup power without producing greenhouse gas emissions. If you have a standard solar panel system, you’ll still lose power during a power outage because of how your panels are connected to the utility grid.

Home solar batteries last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. If you decide to install a solar battery today, it’s almost certain you’ll need a replacement in the future to match the 20- to 30-year lifespan of your solar power system. With all this, the true lifetime of a solar battery is defined by the used battery cycles and ambient condition where the battery is stored.

LiFePO4 lithium-ion batteries are the top pick because each solar battery is versatile, cost-effective and easy to install. You can also use them for other offgrid or off-road applications, including powering campers, golf carts, RVs, caravans, motorhomes and boats.

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Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 49 × 22.9 × 74 cm
Product Category

Energy Storage, Energy Storage Systems, Battery, Lithium-Ion, Lithium-Ion Batteries



Rated Power (W/kW)

4 kW

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ABB REACT2 Li-Ion Solar Battery Storage Module

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ABB REACT2 Li-Ion Solar Battery Storage Module for Sale

Supplier Part No: ABB-REACT2-BATT
Modules manufacturer Samsung
Battery type Li-Ion
Total energy 4 kWh
Operating DC voltage range 170-575 V
Absolute maximum DC voltage 575 V
Module voltage 200 V
Deep of discharge (DoD) 95%
Charge power 1.6 kW
Discharge power 2 kW
Enviromental protection rating IP 54 (suggested indoor installation for preserving battery life time)
Ambient temperature range -20…+55°C (power derating occurs out of suggested ambient temperature range)
Suggested ambient temperature +0 to +40 °C
Relative humidity 4…100 % condensing
Cooling Natural
Dimension (H x W x D) 740 mm x 490 mm x 229 mm
Weight < 50 kg
Mounting system Wall bracket
Marking CE
Safety IEC 62619, UN38.3, UN3480
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ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) is a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, operating mainly in robotics and the power and automation technology areas. It ranked 286th in the Fortune Global 500 list (2016). ABB is one of the largest engineering companies as well as one of the largest conglomerates in the world. ABB has operations in around 100 countries, with approximately 132,000 employees in December 2016. ABB is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zürich, Nasdaq Stockholm and the New York Stock Exchange in the United States.

ABB provides the most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services along the solar PV value chain that enable the generation, transmission and distribution of solar power for grid-connected and microgrid applications. Our offering includes inverters, low-voltage products, monitoring and control systems, grid connection, stabilization and integration products, as well as complete electrical balance of plant solutions. ABB also offers a wide range of support and maintenance services, including remote operations and diagnostics, helping ensure solar installations deliver optimal performance.