Air Diversion Load Element - 24 Volt DC

Air Diversion Load Element – 24 Volt DC

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Diversion load for use with diversion load regulator or for solid state DC relays via Outback FlexMax FM60/80s.

A diversion load is required to dissipate excess power. Typically, with micro-hydro units diversion occurs regularly due to the constant power generation and hence it is advantageous to divert to a hot water heater element (special element required) to make use of this excess power.

Diversion loads need to be very robust and where there is any chance of failure a secondary diversion load to an air resistive element should be installed.

The Air-Diversion Element should dissipate power through an air-resistive coil that expends excess power through generation of heat.

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Technical Data

Product Code: HYD-100-P02
Weight: 1.6 Kilograms
Specifications: 24 DC, 28-32 A

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Weight 1.6 kg
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24 V

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