Bearing Kit For Stream Engine

Bearing Kit For Stream Engine

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Bearing maintenance is important. You should replace bearings ONCE PER YEAR or as soon as you notice any looseness from wear.

If they are too loose, severe damage to both the rotor and the stator can result. Check the clearance often making sure you can insert two business cards (or something the same thickness) between the rotor magnets and the stator. Even if the bearings are not worn, changing them once per year will help keep the area free of corrosion and make future bearing changes easier. This machine uses three 6203 ball bearings with contact seals. Presently the bearings in the machine are a slip fit in the housing bore and Loctite 243 has been applied to the bearings before assembly in order to secure them. This adhesive and corrosion may make the bearing difficult to remove. Tapping with a block of wood should be sufficient but the use of a press may be required if the bearings are stuck in the housing.

To replace bearings:

1. Using the rotor pin to hold the shaft, unthread the runner from the generator shaft.

2. Remove rotor. To remove rotor and shaft raise the rotor as described in output adjustment until the magnetic attraction is low enough to separate the rotor/shaft assembly from the housing and stator.

3. Unscrew two bolts and washers that retain the bearings.

4. With the Stream Engine sitting inverted, using your thumbs, push out the bearings from the housing or tap the bearings out. This may require a press in some situations.

5. Clean bearing sleeve and insert new 6203 bearings and apply Loctite 243 or equivalent. .

6. Reassemble.

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