DEKS Dektite Lead Multicable Solar Flashing (Tiled or Slate) by solaranna

DEKS Dektite Lead Multicable Solar Flashing (Tiled or Slate)

Don’t risk roof leaks and system failure through cable damage by pushing unprotected cables under the tiles or slates.

The MCS Installation Guide for PV requires that “cable penetrations through the roof should not affect the weather tightness of the roof and should be durably sealed. The use of a purpose made product is a durable means to achieve this”. [p.75]

The Dektite Multicable is a simple, effective and universal way to ensure this requirement is met.

At the same time it protects the cables from compression or damage from contact with roofing materials.

Dektite Multicable DNLS10MB

  •  Purpose made product as per MCS
  •  Universal – fits all types of tile and slate roofs
  •  Quick and easy to instal – only tool needed cable snips
  •  Nu-Lead base [acrylic coated lead] for perfect dressing with profiled tiles. Safe handling, no staining.
  •  Base size 490 x 410mm, easily cut down if necessary
  •  Dektite quality EPDM seal protects up to 10 cables from compression or damage by isolation from contact with roofing materials
  •  Durable product backed by 20 year warranty and Deks 50 years experience in design and manufacture of roof flashings
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Supplier Part No: DNLS10MB
Weight: 2.7 kg

DEKS has 50 years’ experience in the design and production of polymer roof flashings starting with the original Dektite and today specializes in fast, effective protection for PV cables and solar thermal pipes.

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