Diesel generator GEKO 11010 E-S/MEDA

Diesel generator GEKO 11010 E-S/MEDA

In off-grid power systems based on the Renewables, fluctuations in power supply – because of the nature of Green Energies – are inherent occurrences. To compensate this effect and to ensure a safe and uninterrupted power supply, the integration of conventional fuel generators into such power systems can often be the appropriate solution. Furthermore, using a generator, the battery bank can be minimized and thus dimensioned cost-effectively.

SEI AG offers a selection of professional Geko gasoline, diesel and gas generators for stationary application. All generator types are manufactured in Germany and impress by their quality and reliability.

The generators can be equipped with an electronic remote start functionality for fully automatic operation. This allows to turn the generator on and off according to the battery state of charge. To extend the generator’s backup time, additional tanks up to capacities of 150 liters are optionally available.

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Diesel generator GEKO 11010 E-S/MEDA

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Technical Data Diesel generator GEKO 11010 E–S/MEDA
Genset type Asynchronous
Electrical capacity (3~) cos φ 1,0 VA 11000
Electrical capacity (1~) cos φ 1,0 VA 4000/11700
Voltage (3~) V 400
Voltage (1~) V 230
Current (3~) A 15.8
Maximum sum. current (1~) A 17/41
Current (CEE 1~) A 16/41
Current (Schuko 1~) A 16
Starting current A 1~ 22
Frequency Hz 50
Protection IP 23
Engine type Mitsubishi S3L2
Cylinders 3
Speed U min-¹ 1500
Fuel type Diesel
Engine oil capacity l 1.5
Engine power kW 7.6
Cooling engine / generator water / air
Fuel capcity l 210
Operation time half load h 120
Operation time at full load h 75
Weight kg 510
Dimensions mm 1380 x 735 x 1095
Acoustic power dB(A) 92
Acoustic pressure dB(A) 64

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Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH & Co., established in 1961, is the leading manufacturer of Generators in Europe and is the biggest manufacturer of generators in Germany. Geko Power Generating Systems Co. Ltd products include fire brigades, generators and accessories worldwide. GEKO is also the supplier of NATO military products. With a long term development and innovation, the company accumulated tremendous experience in generator sets industry. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community. BEST Products from the BEST Brands at the BEST Retail Prices available in your market on ZEROhomebills.com by Solaranna.

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Additional information

Weight 510 kg
Dimensions 138 × 74 × 110 cm
Product Category




Rated Power (W/kW)

7.6 kW

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