Dimplex SmartRad White 24 Hour Timer Cassette

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SmartRad provides individual room temperature control, with an integral electronic thermostat to monitor room temperature and control fan speed thereby reducing energy consumption. As room temperature approaches the set point, the fan speed is automatically reduced and the temperature closely monitored and maintained. Additionally SmartRad can also be fitted with digital programmable timers allowing individual rooms to be configured with their own heating profile.

Programmable 24 hour digital timer – RX24Ti:

  • 24 hour digital programming cassette – plugs directly into SmartRad
  • Removable for ease of programming
  • 4 programmable time periods
  • Programme advance and manual over ride features
  • Back lit LCD with power-save mode
  • Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in event of power failure
  • Available in white to match SmartRad

Keywords: Dimplex, Radiator, Fan Convector

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Dimplex SmartRad White 24 Hour Timer Cassette

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Dimplex SmartRad White 24 Hour Timer Cassette
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Dimplex is the brand leader in electric space and water heating, offering a selection of nearly 400 products. With a heritage of nearly 60 years, Dimplex has an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability and unrivalled experience and resource, with its own design team and R&D facility to ensure the company remains at the forefront of product development and innovation.

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