Fronius CL 36.0 36kW Solar Inverter Indoor

Fronius CL 36.0 36kW Solar Inverter Indoor

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Unique system design with the Fronius MIX concept.

Nine power modules operate in the Fronius CL 36.0 accomplishing something great together. This combination of several power modules has many advantages: maximum earnings in partial load ranges, high system stability, long service life and easy servicing.

Highest partial load efficiency.

Nine identical power modules divide up the work in the MIX concept. The individual power racks are turned off and on automatically depending on the insolation power. This ensures that the load is optimized and yield is always at maximum – even while raining, when cloudy or at dusk.

Unsurpassed reliability. 

The Fronius CL creates a redundant system because it integrates several smaller power modules that work together. If one power module should fail, the others simply take  up the slack. In comparison: when the power module fails in monolithic systems, the entire system stops operating and this leads to considerable loss of earnings. The Fronius MIX concept ensures that the inverter remains in operation even when there is a defect in a power module and this helps to lock in your earnings.

Long service life.

The control unit automatically calculates which power racks and how many will be turned on and off in partial load operation using the respective operating hours of the power modules. This helps to equalize the work load on the PC boards. This also decreases the operating hours of the individual power modules thus increasing the service life of the inverter.

Fast service option.

When service is required, power modules can be removed and replaced easily via the plug & play principle and drawer design. This ensures the highest serviceability and the fastest reaction times on the market.

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Fronius CL 36.0 36kW Solar Inverter Indoor

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Fronius CL 36.0 36kW Solar Inverter Indoor

Technical Data

INPUT DATA Fronius CL 36.0
DC maximum output at cos φ=1 38.6 kW
Max. input current 167.8 A
Max. input voltage 600 V
MPP voltage range 230 – 500 V
AC nominal output at cos φ=1 36 kW
Max. output power 36 kVA
Max. output current 52.2 A
Maximum efficiency 95.9 %
European efficiency 95.3 %
MPP adjustment efficiency > 99.9 %
Mains connection 3~NPE 400/230 V
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Distortion factor < 3 %
Power factor 0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.
Nighttime consumption 11.4 W
Dimensions (H x W x  D) with base (100 mm) 1,830 x 1,105 x 722 mm
Weight 248 kg
Degree of protection IP 20
Inverter HF transformer
Cooling Controlled air cooling
Installation Indoors
Ambient temperature range -25°C to +50°C
Permitted humidity 0 % to 95 %
DC insulation measurement Warning when Riso < 500 kΩ
Overload behaviour Operating point adjustment, power limitation
DC disconnector Integrated
Fronius Solar Net (RS422) Solar Net interface, interface protocol
Fronius Logo
The history of Fronius begins in 1945. The company is now represented by subsidiaries in 28 countries and by sales partners and representatives in over 60 countries, and is a recognised innovation and technology leader. Since 2011, Fronius has been led by the granddaughter of the company founder, Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß. However, the company´s goal remains the same as ever: to create a sustainable future through innovation, quality and a first-rate service. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community. The best solar power inverters and solar PV Accessories from the best NASDAQ and Bloomberg listed solar manufacturers at the best retail price.

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Additional information

Weight 248 kg
Dimensions 183 × 72.2 × 110.5 cm
Product Category

Inverters, on-grid inverters, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV)



Rated Power (W/kW)

36 kW

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