Fronius Sensor Box

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Measurement of additional data by connecting various sensors.

Using the Fronius Sensor Card / Box, sensors can be integrated into the Fronius DATCOM system to measure:

  • Irradiance
  • Ambient temperature
  • Module temperature
  • Wind speed
  • etc.
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Fronius Sensor Box

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Fronius Sensor Box

Technical Data

Supply voltage 12 V DC
Power consumption
–  Sensor Card
–  Sensor Box
1.1 W
1.3 W
Box protection class IP 20
Dimensions (l x w x h)
–  Sensor Card
–  Sensor Box
140 x 100 x 26 mm
197 x 110 x 57 mm
Interfaces (only Sensor Box)
–  RS 422
–  RS 422
RJ 45
RJ 45
Channels T1, T2
–  Sensors
–  Measuring range
–  Accuracy
–  Resolution
Irradiance channel
–  Measuring range-  Accuracy
0…100 mV
0…200 mV
0…1 V
3 %
Channels D1, D2
–  Max. voltage level
–  Max. frequency
–  Min. pulse duration
–  Switching threshold “OFF” (“LOW”)
–  Switching threshold “ON” (“HIGH”)
5.5 V
2500 Hz
250 us
0…0.5 V
3…5.5 V
Channel current input
–  Measuring range-  Accuracy
0…20 mA
4…20 mA
5 %
Fronius Logo
The history of Fronius begins in 1945. The company is now represented by subsidiaries in 28 countries and by sales partners and representatives in over 60 countries, and is a recognised innovation and technology leader. Since 2011, Fronius has been led by the granddaughter of the company founder, Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß. However, the company´s goal remains the same as ever: to create a sustainable future through innovation, quality and a first-rate service. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community. The best Solar PV Inverters and Accessories from the best Solar inverter manufacturers at the BEST Retail Prices on by Solaranna. 

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Additional information

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 19.7 × 11 × 5.7 cm
Product Category

Accessories and Mounting, Monitoring, Sensors



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