GSE Integration Frame Landscape for Solarworld 1675 / 990-1001 SW

GSE Integration Frame Landscape for Solarworld 1675 / 990-1001 SW

  • GSE module mounting plate for one landscape PV module with length 1664-1676 mm and width 952 to 1032 mm.
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GSE Integration Frame Landscape for Solarworld 1675 / 990-1001 SW

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GSE Integration Frame Landscape for Solarworld 1675 / 990-1001 SW For Sale

Supplier Part No: PPAYS1680/992/11
Weight: 5 kg
Length: 1.75 m
The main benefits of  the GSE Integration roof integrated solar panel mounting system:

  • Perfect aesthetic for an easy integration of the window into a PV field without additional work,
  • Easy and quick to install; a 3kW system installed in just a few hours
  • Compatible with standards VELUX type of roof windows.
  • Flexible installation: achieve any configuration in landscape, portrait, u-shape or on any type of roof.
  • GSE integration systems fit majority of the solar panels in or shop and not only
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

The GSE systems look fantastic, especially with black solar panels, and costs barely more than a standard roofing system and solar mounting on top.

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GSE Integration is an easy mounting solution for creating an in roof array. GSE is itself, a program to develop mounting and integration systems by SVH Energie. GSE are motivated by the essential need to provide customers with the most innovative and suitable products. With more than 200O Installations each month, GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is reaching a total of more than 100 thousands photovoltaic installations to date in over 18 countries covering a total surface of 1,500,000 m². With a turnover of €50M in 2015, SVH Energie has become the European leader in mounting systems for PV panels and built-in integration solution. Join our ZERO Home Bills Community Buy the best solar accessories from NASDAQ, Bloomberg and Fortune 500 listed solar energy companies at best price; suitable for all weather conditions. 

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In-roof solar panel systems come with many benefits; as well as providing you with tax-free renewable energy, these panels integrate into the roof of your property seamlessly, acting as part of the roof covering. As well as being as hard wearing and as weather proof as normal roof tiles, the components of this system are extremely lightweight, meaning that any installer can install them very fast.

Compared to standard on-roof solar panels, there is no need for extra roof tiles or racking underneath the array, meaning that any repair work does not warrant the need to decommission the panels to reach the roof tiles underneath.

A single solar panel costs £70£320, but can vary depending on the size and type of system. One of the most common domestic sizes is a 4kW solar panel system, which costs around £2500 (+VAT and + Installation) and will cover around 29 square meters of your roof.

12-16 panels
How many solar panels to supply an average household? A typical home is approximately 1,500 square feet (153 square meter), with electrical costs of about $100 per month (70 Euro). Such a house generally needs about 12 to 16 panels to completely cover electrical power needs. 

Do solar panels work in the snow? When a solar panel is covered with snow, it cannot produce electricity. However, solar arrays tend to shed snow pretty well—the panels themselves absorb the sun’s heat as well as its light, they are mounted to face the sun, and are often on a slope.

Solar panels do not work in the shade. If it is partial shade, you can install the right system (micro-inverters or solar panel optmizers) to mitigate the problem. With a string inverter, however, the whole array is knocked out with just a partly shaded panel; except if you use HC or Maxim optimized modules. 

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 175 × 84 cm
Product Category

Roof Integrated Mounting Systems, Solar Accessories and Mounting



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