Hydro Power Stream Engine High Flow Micro Hydro Generator 1.9 kW

Hydro Power Stream Engine High Flow Micro Hydro Generator 1.9 kW

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Stream Engine – High Flow Micro Hydro Generator

The Stream Engine employs a brushless, permanent magnet alternator which is adjustable, enabling the user to match turbine performance with available water supply or turbine output to daily electrical load demand.

With 130 metres head, the Stream Engine is capable of continuous outputs of 1.9 kW (more than 45 kWh/day – depending on loads, timing of usage and available battery storage), while requiring virtually no maintenance. The Stream Engine micro hydro system employs high efficiency, precision-cast parts, and non-corrosive alloys for long life and durability.

The hydro generator operates at heads of about 2m and upward (although power output becomes truly viable from about 5m). Water from a stream is channelled into a pipeline to gain enough head (the vertical distance the water falls) to power the system. The water passes through a narrow nozzle causing it to accelerate before striking the bronze Turgo wheel. The Turgo wheel then turns the generator shaft.

Up to 2 universal nozzles can be installed on one Machine. Nozzles are adaptable in sizing from 3mm to 25mm. Stream Engine is suitable for 12V, 24V, or 48 Volt systems.

The Stream Engine is designed for use in battery-based power systems, with electricity generated at a steady rate, and stored in batteries for use at higher rates than is generated. During times of low demand, power is stored.

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Technical Data

Product Code: HYD-060-H
Dimensions (mm): 350(W) x 400(L) x 240(H)
Max continuous power: 1,900 W
Weight: 14 Kilograms
Warranty: 1 yr

Rainbow Power Company Ltd is an unlisted public company, incorporated in 1987 to design, manufacture, sell and install renewable energy equipment based on solar, wind and hydro energy sources.

We are proud to have been a major protagonist of the increased use of renewable energy both in Australia and in overseas countries. Our unparalleled commitment to education, demonstration and innovation provides Australia with a display that receives thousands of visitors a year. The company’s dedicated and experienced workforce, well equipped factory and comprehensive range of products and services have provided us with a strong foundation on which we intend to continue to grow. Visit us on Facebook as well or join our ZEROhomebills Community.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 35 × 40 × 24 cm
Product Category





12 V, 24 V, 48 V

Rated Power (W/kW)

1.9 kW

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