NSP NEO D6P265E3A 265W Poly Solar Panel

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NSP/DelSolar Modules, proven by many international certifications, are defined by its high performance and excellent quality. NSP/DelSolar modules are certified by TÜV Rheinland, UL and MCS. The modules provide positive and tight power tolerances of 0 to +4.99Wp, which offer a stable and high-energy system output. With high efficiency solar cells, state-of-art manufacturing technology, and long-term reliability, NSP/DelSolar modules are ideal choices for their high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

High Performance

  • Power tolerance of 0 to +4.99Wp, providing a stable, high-energy system output
  • High PV cell shunt resistance enabling increased power output in low light conditions
  • Low temperature coefficients of power to produce high power output in all weather conditions
  • High efficiency solar cells and state-of-art manufacturing technology to enhance cost efficacy per kWh
  • High wind/snow load tolerant
  • Ammonia-reisitant according to IEC62716

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NSP NEO D6P265E3A 265W Poly Solar Panel

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NSP NEO D6P265E3A 265W Poly Solar Panel

Nominal output 265 W
Nominal voltage (V) 38.17
Nominal current (A) 9.07
Short-circuit current (A) 8.63
Open-circuit voltage (V) 30.85
System voltage (V) 1000
Cell type polycrystalline
Output tolerance +6,49 Wp
Length (mm) 1,640
Width (mm) 992
Height (mm) 35
Weight (kg) 18
Cell count vertical
Cell count horizontal
Cell length (inches)
Cell width (inches)
Frame type Standard
Certificate 1 IEC/TÜV/UL/MCS
Certificate 2 Protection Class 2
Plug type MC4 connectable

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With a vision of providing clean, renewable and cost-effective energy, Neo Solar Power (NSP) was founded in December 2005. NSP is a world-class leading solar cell manufacturer specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of high-efficiency solar cells and modules. Following its merger with DelSolar in 2013, NSP has become the largest solar cell producer in Taiwan. NSP’s management team consists of inter-disciplinary experts in semiconductors, electronic systems, silicon raw materials, solar cell technology, and solar energy system engineering with a proven track-record in delivering industry-leading conversion efficiency and production costs into our solar solutions.

Long-lasting cooperation with foreign and domestic R&D institutions is also part of our technological backbone. As the pioneer in combining semiconductor manufacturing discipline and seasoned solar technology development, NSP aims to keep leading the way in the transformation of photovoltaic energy into a competitive, pervasive and everlasting energy source for mankind.

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Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 99.2 × 3.5 × 164 cm


Product Category

Panels and Modules, Polycrystalline, SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV)

Rated Power (W/kW)

265 W

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