Phocos CIS-LED 5A Waterproof Controller 12-24V

Phocos CIS-LED 5A Waterproof Controller 12-24V

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Charge controllers are the heart of every PV system, precisely controlling energy flow, protecting the battery, and increasing system efficiency. Harsh weather conditions can damage sensitive electronics. In order to protect these core elements, thus increasing system operation time, reliability, efficiency, and savings, Phocos has designed a product line featuring a fully encapsulated housing (protection class IP68) – the CIS-series.

This series now has a new member developed specifically for rough environments and to meet the needs of users of solar LED lamps and solar LED street lights. The highlight of the CIS-LED is that it combines three functions in one fully protected case: charge controller + flexible timer + LED drivers.

  • Built-in LED drivers
  • An on/off timer and a timer for adjustable dimming allow dimming of the light at specified time intervals, extending the time of operation while also saving energy
  • The CIS- LED offers an auto protect function: With its two low voltage disconnect levels, the light will be automatically dimmed when the battery charge is getting low (programmable via CIS-CU remote control)
  • Settings such as battery type, deep discharge thresholds, timers, and other configuration settings can be made quickly and easily via infrared remote control
  • The small size of the devices offers extra flexibility, fitting easily into almost every application.

Key advantages

  • For extreme environments, solar LED lamps and solar LED street lights
  • Combines three functions in one: charge controller + flexible timer + LED drivers
  • Fully protected by its encapsulated case
  • Waterproof (IP68) 1.5m for 72h
  • Flexible dimming functions
  • Auto protect function: two voltage disconnects
  • Small size, fits everywhere
  • Programmable: with CIS-CU and MXI-IR (available optionally)

Available models

  • Phocos CIS-LED 05 (5A single load)
Optional available

CISCOM Software
CISCOM configuration software for CIS-controllers, quick and easy configuration of individual load-time and system components. The CISCOM requires the MXI-IR interface for communication between PC and the CIS-controller.

CISCOM Software download ZIP-file (3MB) + MXI-IR drivers

CISCOM Manual download PDF-file (2MB)

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Phocos CIS-LED 5A Waterproof Controller 12-24V

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Phocos CIS-LED 5A Waterproof Controller 12-24V for Sale

Technical Data

Product Phocos CIS-N-LED-10
Type Solar Charge Controller with integrated LED Driver
System Photovoltaic Systems
Function Charge controller, flexible timer, LED drivers
Batteries GEL, AGM, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Charging Mode PWM
Nominal Voltage 12/24V automatic detection
Max. charge current 10A
Float charge 13.8/27.6V (25°C)
Main charge 14.4/28.8V (25°C) 30min (daily)
Boost charge 14.4/28.8V (25°C) 2h activation: battery voltage <12.3/24.6V
Equalization 14.8/29.6V (25°C), 2h activation: battery voltage < 12.1/24.2V (at least every 30 days)
Max. panel voltage 50V (Voc)
Deep discharge protection Deep discharge protection:11.00-12.02/22.00-24.04V by SOC | Cut-off voltage: 11.0/22.0-11.9/23.8V by voltage (adjustable step 0.1/0.2V) | Reconnect level: 12.8/25.6V
Overvoltage protection 15.5/31.0V
Undervoltage protection 10.5/21.0V
Temperature compensation −4.2 mV/K (2V cell)
Self consumption 5–8mA
Grounding negative grounded
Ambient temperature −40 to +60°C
Max. height 4.000m above sea level
Wire cross section 2.5 mm2
Adjustment range Evening/morning hours Night/day 0–15h/0–14h | PV panel level detection 2.5–10.0V/5.0–20.0V (adjust step 0.5/1.0V), 4.0–11.5V/8.0–23.0V (adjust step 0.5/1.0V)
Wire length 10cm
Weight 210 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 82x94x20mm
Protection class IP68 (waterproof 1.5m , 72h)
LED driver data Output voltage 15V to 49V for 12V system (5 to 15 LEDs in series) 30V to 49V for 24V system (10 to 15 LEDs in series) | Nominal output current 700mA | Max. load power 30W | Dimming level 0–100% (adjust step 10%) | PIR-input 4 – 30 V with respect to batter
Warranty 2 years
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12 V, 24 V

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