RFID Card for Fronius Wattpilot on Sale

RFID Card for Fronius Wattpilot

  • EV charging accessories for Fronius Wattpilot
  • Controls the use of your wallbox
  • Provides accurate data on the charger use
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The RFID card for Fronius Wattpilot is included in the scope of delivery of both the Fronius Wattpilot Home and GO models. Additional RFID cards can be ordered at any time.

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The RFID card is used to provide authentication and user rights for the Wattpilot wallbox. At the same time through the use of the card you are able to to monitor who has charged their EV, for how how much and when this happened.

Main features of the Fronius WATTPILOT EV charger

  • EV Charging device 22kW
  • Automatic 1- / 3-phase switching
  • Type 2 socket with mechanical locking
  • Integrated 30 mA AC and 6 mA DC residual current device
  • LED status display
  • Ethernet / WLAN
  • Including wall bracket
  • RFID access control: charging can only be started by selected persons with a valid ID-Chip (RFID).
  • Theft-proof charging socket lock.
  • Additional cable protection can be fitted for the charging box (lock not included in scope of supply): the Fronius Wattpilot cannot be removed by simply disconnecting it.

Advantages of the Fronius Wattpilot EV charger

Cost-effective EV charging with variable green electricity tariffs

The electric car can be charged very cheaply from the grid with green electricity through the use of variable green electricity tariffs, particularly at night during low-tariff periods.

Standalone app: “Solar.wattpilot”

To operate the Fronius Wattpilot  EV Charger, the Solar.wattpilot app (iOS and Android) is available for electric car owners. The device can be put into operation with just a few clicks, charging settings can be made and charging processes visualised.

Dynamic PV surplus charging

Dynamic PV surplus charging can be used to charge the electric car with ampere increments of surplus PV by means of 1/3-phase switching. This results in higher self-consumption rates and the PV system paying for itself more quickly.

Two different charging modes: Eco and Next Trip

Depending on customer requirements, the electric car can either be charged in an extremely environmentally friendly manner or in a way that is tailored perfectly to the next journey.

Network connection via WLAN

Can be used anywhere

With the mobile Fronius Wattpilot Go EV Charger, the electric car can be charged anywhere – at home, at work or on holiday.


Fronius WATTPILOT Home EV Charger logo
The history of Fronius begins in 1945. The company is now represented by subsidiaries in 28 countries and by sales partners and representatives in over 60 countries, and is a recognized innovation and technology leader. Since 2011, Fronius has been led by the granddaughter of the company founder, Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß. However, the company´s goal remains the same as ever: to create a sustainable future through innovation, quality and a first-rate service. The best solar power inverters and solar PV Accessories from the best NASDAQ and Bloomberg listed solar manufacturers at the best retail price.

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Fronius Inverters, from the Austrian Fronius are recognized as high performing inverters with higher rate of self- consumption, intelligent control of energy flows and limiting energy export to the grid. Fronius is known for its reliability and high quality products across the globe.

Most electric car owners charge their cars at home overnight. In fact, people with regular driving habits need not charge the battery fully every night.  In short, there is absolutely no need to worry that your car might stop in the middle of the road even if you did not charge your battery last night.

The Tesla Model S uses the Type 2 EV charging standard, which is used for both AC and DC charging. In most cases, slow charging requires a 3-pin-to-Type 2 cable, and fast EV charging a Type 2-to-Type 2 cable, both of which are usually supplied with the vehicle.

Level 3 EV Charging, most commonly known as “DC Fast Charging”. DC EV charging is available in a much higher voltage and can charge some plug-in electric vehicles with as high as 800 volts. This allows for very rapid charging.

Therefore it is acceptable to charge to 100% if you’re then planning to drive the car soon (within a few hours). But don’t charge to 100% if you don’t need the full range of the car. Prefer to charge to 80% or 90%. It is widely recommended to not charge an electric car battery to more than 80–90%.

All of Fronius’ inverters are manufactured in Austria, EU. All Fronius products from the solar power inverter range come with CE certification and are fully certified for USA and Australian markets as well.

Level 2 EV charging refers to the voltage that the electric vehicle charger uses (240 volts). Level 2 EV chargers come in a variety of amperages typically ranging from 16 amps to 40 amps. The two most common Level 2 EV chargers are 16 and 30 amps, which also may be referred to as 3.3 kW and 7.2 kW respectively.

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