SMA Sunny Island 6048-US Solar Battery Inverter

SMA Sunny Island 6048-US Solar Battery Inverter

SMA solar Inverters USA

  • Supplier Part No: SI-6048-US-10
  • Rated Power: 5,750 W
  • Phase: 1
  • Guaranty: 10 Years (extension possible)
  • The  SMA SI6048-US-10 is fully compatible with both deep cycle and lithium ion batteries
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The newSMA Sunny Island 6048-US Solar Battery Inverter is based on the proven off-grid technology in the Sunny Island 5048-US but now feature 20 percent more power output. A maximum efficiency of 96 percent ensures peak production, which results in reduced diesel usage and makes a smaller dimensioning of the PV array possible.

The new Sunny Island with two different power ratings enable more flexible system sizing. And, with multicluster technology, up to 12 Sunny Islands can be integrated into off-grid power systems up 100 kW in size. The efficient island manager: now with 20 percent more power. Made in USA. Available from stock in the USA.

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  • Max. efficiency: 96 percent
  • CEC efficiency: 94 % and 94.5 %
  • State of Charge Calculation
  • Intelligent battery management for longer battery lifespan


  • Easy commissioning with the “Quick Configuration Guide”
  • Complete off-grid management
  • Excellent for grid-tied battery back up


  • For systems from 2 kW to 100 kW
  • Single, 120/240 V split-phase and three-phase operation, connectable in parallel and modularly expandable


  • Extreme overload capacity
  • OptiCool active temperature management system
  • 10-year standard warranty

When a SMA Sunny Island  SI6048-US-10 unit is coupled with a Sunny Boy grid-tie inverter the system becomes an AC coupled system, allowing your PV array to power your loads, charge your battery bank, and feed excess power back to the grid.

sma solar inverters logo
SMA from its headquarters in Kassel, Germany, is the world’s largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications.  As market leader for solar inverters SMA is setting benchmarks again and again. The leading-edge efficiencies of 98% and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user convenience. While SMA inverters are designed in Germany, the Sunny Central, the Sunny Island, and SMA SunnyBoy inverters in the 3 kW to 7 kW range are assembled in their new plant in Denver, Colorado.These inverters qualify for the ARRA recovery act and are UL and cUL listed. SMA launched its own SMA solar academy in Rocklin, California, in April 2011. The best solar power inverter from NASDAQ and Bloomberg listed solar components manufacturers at best price; suitable for all weather conditions. 

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on grid grid tied solar pv inverters

SMA is considered somewhat of a legend in the solar world and manufacture some of the best quality and most reliable inverters on the market backed by an excellent service team and guaranty conditions.

Avoid north facing walls exposed to direct sunlight at midday, while and easterly facing wall, under a small veranda which provides shade is better suited. Inside garages can also be a good spot, as long the solar inverter is away from direct sunshine for prolonged periods of the day.

The basic difference between the two inverters are:
  1. The task of Grid forming inverter is to maintain the voltage and frequency of the micro-grid. It is essentially like a slack bus in power system.
  2. The task of Grid supporting converter is to simply dispatch some set active and reactive power or dispatch based on some command signal. So, it is more like the PQ bus in power system.

An inverter/charger would convert the AC power from the generator to charge the DC battery bank. An off grid inverter/charger would be converting the power in both directions, from AC to DC to charge the battery from the AC generator, and converting the DC power from the battery to AC for your appliances. For full backup or off-grid operation you would need to use a battery inverter with grid forming capabilities. like SMA Sunny Island.

10 to 20 years
Typically, grid connected inverters have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 20 years. You should expect most good quality units to last 10 years minimum. Solar inverters have warranties ranging from 5 to 12 years with an increasing number of manufacturers offering pay for service warranty extension up to 20 years. 

Germany’s SMA Builds majority of its solar power inverters Inverters In China. SMA is a German company that is generally considered to be among the top two inverter manufacturers in the world in terms of quality and reliability. They have manufacturing capacity in both Germany and China.

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SMA Solar Inverter USA

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Additional information

Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 46.7 × 61.2 × 24.2 cm


Product Category


Rated Power (W/kW)

6 kW

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SMA Sunny Island 6048-US Battery Inverter

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SMA Sunny Island 6048-US Battery Inverter for Sale

Supplier Part No: SI-6048-US-10
Rated grid voltage / AC voltage range: 120 V/105 V – 132 V
Rated frequency / frequency range (adjustable): 60 Hz/55 Hz … 65 Hz
AC power (at 25 °C / at 40 °C) for 3 hours 6000 W/5000 W
Rated power: 5750 W
AC power at 25 °C for 30 min / 1 min / 3 s:  7000 W / 8400 W / 11000 W
Rated current / max. output current (peak): 48A/180 A for approx. 60 ms
Total harmonic factor output voltage / power factor with rated power 3 % / -1 … +1
AC input (PV array or grid)
Rated input voltage / AC input voltage range: 120 V/80 V – 150 V
Rated input frequency / allowable input frequency range: 60 Hz/54 Hz … 66
Max. AC input current / adjustable: 56 A/0 A … 56 A
Max. AC input power 6.7 kW
Battery DC input
Rated input voltage / DC voltage range: 48 V/41 V – 63 V
Max. battery charging current / DC rated charging current: 130 A / 110 A
General data
Dimensions (W / H / D): 467 / 612 / 235 mm (18.4 / 24.1 / 9.3 inch)
Weight: 63 kg / 139 lb
Operating temperature range -25 °C … +60 °C / -13 °F … +122 °F

sma solar technology logo

SMA from its headquarters in Kassel, Germany, is the world’s largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications.  As market leader for solar inverters SMA is setting benchmarks again and again: leading-edge efficiencies of 98% and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user convenience.

The company offers a wide range of solar photovoltaic inverters including the SunnyBoy range starting at 1.2kW for small domestic applications through the larger Sunny Mini Central range for small commercial to the 100kW Sunny Central products for industrial scale applications. The range includes newly developed lighter and more efficient “high frequency” transformed products (-HF) along with transformless products (-TL).

All inverters support a range of optional display and monitoring accessories for visualization of the system operation and many models have Bluetooth built-in as standard enabling fast integration with these additional products.